6 Steps to Setting Limits on Smart Phone Social Media

www.RenewYourSpace.comWe have become a society of information overload.  Every moment consumed with connection, multitasking and guilt.  We feel guilty of wasting so much time peering into other people’s lives, and we feel the guilt of not staying up to date on everything.

Follow these 6 steps to setting limits on your Social Media experience from your phone, and you will discover you have more time to be more present to live in the moment.

Step 1:  Move your distracting Apps to a spot that is not so easy to get to.

You are far less likely to be tempted to peek in Facebook if it’s off your home screen.  You don’t have to delete them to become more productive, (unless you just don’t trust yourself), but out of sight – out of mind.

Step 2:  Group your most distracting networks into one file.

Over time, smart phones have made it easier to group like apps together in their own files.  It saves space, and for us organized entrepreneurs, it saves time when we’re working remotely.  So take advantage of technology and sift out the ones that are too tempting to put down.

Step 3:  Place this file on the last page of your phone.

Did you know you can use as many pages as you want?  The goal of consolidating with files is to limit the number of pages, but in this case, you want to place those distractions as far away from the home page as you can.

Step 4:  Label it something really annoying!

I titled mine “Waste Time” and attached an emoji big thumbs down.  So if it’s not bad enough taking the extra time to swipe through to the end, I also have to click the shameful file to get to my guilty pleasure.

Step 5:  Turn off Notifications.

Yes, you can do this and it is so worth it!  This last iPhone update to ios8 made it possible for me to get notifications even when my phone was turned off  🙁    Talk about a distraction…  It all becomes too much of a good thing.  There’s no way you can ever focus with all of those little bells and whistles going off.

Step 6:  Download the “Checky” App.

This is a new app that will actually track how many times you have checked your phone.  It keeps a grid and compares your phone-checking stats from day-to-day.  Creepy – yes, but Woah!  what a wake-up call!  This is great if you know you want to take a Social Media break.

There is nothing wrong with Networking – it has become a large part of our evolution.  We’re now connecting with old friends we thought we’ve lost forever, Skyping with far-away family, running our businesses and collaborating with co-workers.  If you work it right, you can use it for effective advertising, support groups, book clubs, and even for schooling.  But the last thing you want to do is become so obsessed that you lose sight of organic presence.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but trust me on this one – you can do it!  I know you found this article because you’re a bit (or a lot) of a Social Networking addict, and you want to get your life back; (you know, some of us might need a 12 step program for this…  seriously!)

It is possible.  I did it.  Stop the madness now and put these distractions in their place.


Take Action Now

What apps on your phone are keeping you from Focus?  If you find it hard to put the phone down and interact with others for more than an hour, try implementing these steps and see how different the world looks to you.


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