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www.renewyourspace.comThis is one of those “Duh” kinds of moments for me, but I am so focused on my paper plan, I often miss the gifts the electronic world has given…

Here is a great tip that I know some of you have missed as well.

I have a fabulous system to organize my future blogs, and it works brilliantly for me.  It is a paper log that lists the days of the week with corresponding 1-31 dates which I keep in my planner.  But with the WordPress Editorial Calendar, it’s perfect for planning out future posts right here.  It auto-populates as you schedule your posts, so there is nothing you need to do after you install the plug-in.  You can see at a glance what has been published, what posts are scheduled, and drafts you’re working on.

What I love about this feature, is that you can view any gaps in your posting schedule.  Days you may have missed, dates you want to target, and pre-planning the months ahead.  All you have to do is install the plug-in and you will find it under “Posts” in your dashboard…  Such a simple tool, and so helpful!


www.renewyourspace.comTake Action Now

Do you struggle with scheduling in blog posts?  Do you have a blog planner but forget to write them – or worse, forget to publish them?  Take the time to set out a plan and schedule them in a creative way that works for you.  If you need a paper schedule, I have a FREE Blog Planner Printable for you here.  Enjoy!



Renee Weatherford

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