A Blueprint For Organization

RenewYourSpace.comIf you feel that clutter takes over your organizational system faster than you can get through the week, developing a general blueprint is your answer.

You can’t organize clutter. Period.

If clutter is running your household, then simply put – you have too much stuff. It is time to purge.

The blueprint format I have provided my clients with for years has helped them to identify what their needs are, assess what they have, and intuitively know where their belongings need to live.  Anything less than that is weight bearing down on their shoulders.

Finding a basic blueprint on your own can be a quick and painless process. Here is all that you need:

  • A blank piece of paper
  • Pen
  • A few minutes of un-interrupted time

Photo Apr 16, 4 07 36 PMNow that you are equipped with your tools, go to the space that is giving you trouble.  Examine it.  Open up doors, drawers, cabinets, etc. Then draw the space on your sheet – yes, that’s right – draw it! 🙂  If it’s a set of cabinets, write in what you would like each section to function as.

In this example, Wanda has a cabinet designated for everyday dishes. Her cupboard is full of Tupperware, small appliances and miscellaneous plates. After she’s identified the shelving, she simply wrote them into the diagram, removed everything from the shelves and relocated anything that wasn’t in the image.


Take Action

If you have a space that is allowing clutter to creep in after you have tried organizing it, create a blueprint like this one. When it begins to feel out of control again, pull it out and purge/relocate anything that does not belong in that space.

Renee Weatherford

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