A Lesson in Release

http://www.renewyourspace.comWhen my husband and I made the decision to relocate back to California after our stint in Costa Rica and Oregon, we had to let go of many of our belongings in order to experience a quick and affordable move. It was painful to think about the beloved items we had both collected over our many years together in many homes, just being handed over to people who wouldn’t love them like we did. Enough furniture, decor and accessories to fill our once custom-built five bedroom home.

We had already pared down what we could after committing to our hiatus years before.  However, we spent much of our time fretting over shipping a massive container to a foreign country, just to cling to the stuff that made us feel whole. That was not practical or free.


Thank goodness we came to our senses before making any rash decisions [details I’ll reveal in another post].


http://www.renewyourspace.comThe biggest yard sale Astoria has ever seen brought in neighbors far and wide. “Everything must go”… Everything. We watched our many antique armoires, custom sofas, massive mirrors, our entire home gym, beloved bookshelves with the pretty down-lighting, swanky paintings, teak patio lounges, our big bulky night stands with the pull-out trays, the entire inventory of my Boutique… Then went the piano, which I tearfully watched from the attic window as it was pushed down the street by a mob of happy Coast Guard men, excited to surprise some lucky young wife.


We kept what we loved – some furniture, memorabilia and treasures we picked up from our travels. It left a sore pit in my stomach and a lump in my throat, watching it all just go away. But our dream was bigger than this stuff.


It was the easiest move I have ever experienced. What we didn’t sell, we left for the new owner of our home. And what we kept, we treasured.


We found a luxury condo with an ocean view in a Southern California seaside town – the only one which allowed dogs. It was a dream come true. Sun, sand, and tons of space. It was larger than the home we had just sold, and not having baggage made it feel so spacious.


For the first time in our lives we could truly breathe!


Having less stuff gave us the freedom to open up to something more. We learned to appreciate what truly mattered, which was our little family. What we kept had more meaning, more value and more joy. Through the fear of letting go, I learned a valuable lesson about release that I had never explored before. The freedom of space. Of living a life filled with only the things I truly loved, renewed my life in ways I never thought possible.


Imagine a life surrounded by only the things you truly love. Doesn’t that feel freeing?


You don’t have to go as drastic as I did to find this freedom. Just explore the possibility of releasing what no longer serves you in this life now, and the life you intend to live moving forward.




Renee Weatherford

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