A Planner Reference Key

www.RenewYourSpace.comDo you find yourself scrambling around for important information that feels impossible to retrieve?

Create a key page in your planner and watch those worries disappear!

There have been rare occasions when my work history would come up, and I would spend a lot of time searching for start dates or salary information or my chart of fees. I would tear up my filing cabinet, pulling old pay-stubs to retrieve old information and waste a lot of time.

Now that I have purged all of my records, I only keep the rock-solid information that I would need access to in my files. I also keep it in my planner so that I can view it anytime.

This is one of the main dividers I made by using pretty card-stock, cut to fit and laminated so that I could clearly locate this important reference information. Here is what I use it for:


  • Color-coding system that I use in my schedule
  • List of US Holidays
  • Perpetual calendar of Birthdays, Anniversaries, and special dates
  • Cryptic list of passwords (only I could ever decipher them)
  • My work History, including salaries
  • Important phone numbers in case my cell phone were to shut down
  • Other important business information that I need to access frequently
  • Inventory list of boxes I have stored for my business


It is pretty simple, but it it so necessary for those times I want to quickly check on something important.


Take Action

Is there information that you would like to have right at your fingertips? Open up a Word document (or whatever process you choose), and design it in a beautiful, organized way and create a key of your own which invites ease into your planner.



Renee Weatherford

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