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www.RenewYourSpace.comKeeping a close eye on your cash-in and cash-out can be ultra simple by using your planner.  Budget sheets can not only help you visualize where your over-spending occurs, it can keep you current on monthly bills and planned savings.

I was always one to record every single transaction in my check register, keeping diligent records and archiving information for that “someday” scenario.  That was until we went on our hiatus of re-locations – from Costa Rica to Oregon to Southern California in a four-year span.  We learned to pare things down and keep our personal items as streamlined as possible.

www.RenewYourSpace.com Within that time, I began forgoing my check register balancing routine.  It just felt unnecessary, as I view my balances religiously every week.  Instead, I created a form to keep my budget in my Filofax.  On the front of the form, (titled “Our Budget”) I can check off when the bill has been paid each month.  The other side is “Our Cash Budget” where I track our cash envelopes.  I go off a zero based budget monthly, so as long as we stick to the cash outgo, there is no reason to worry about our account, and I check our accounts often to make sure we are squared away.  I have a section on the cash form for actual spending so that I can track any fluctuations with each month.

It is always good to have the important things covered if the inevitable should happen, however we are keeping way too much paper in our homes.  With access to the internet, you can look up your account information, balances and statements at a moment’s notice.  There are occasions in an audit or for business purposes when you have to keep them accessible but for the most part you do not.  {Please consult with your accountant before permanently shredding your paperwork – They can give you the proper time frame for each subject.}  It makes more sense for me to shred everything after the bill has been paid with the exception of my business and home owner’s information.

This Budget form is downloadable HERE. It is sized to print at 1/2 page letter and can be trimmed to fit an A5 planner. Write in your ongoing bills, due dates, amounts and check off each month that they are paid.


How do you track your budget?  Do you have a unique system that works for you?


Renee Weatherford

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