We all feel stuck at one time or another...  within our work, projects at home, in our relationships as well as in our emotions.  Whether it's a Productivity block or physical Clutter, Renewing Your Space means so much more than Organization.  

In fact, the act of organizing is not our focus here. That is a result of careful consideration of our needs, and preparing a home for the things we use.

Clutter accumulates in every life. Even the woman who appears squared-away, at some point must deal with clutter. It's how we're equipped to deal with it, which makes the difference between overwhelm and ease.

{Think of life as a spinning wheel}  Spokes keep the wheel evenly spaced and moving forward. Whenever one of those spokes becomes weak, it produces stress and the wheel won't be able to roll with ease.  

Establishing EASE is the key to maintaining flow in our lives, and takes the stress points off. Perfection isn't real, so the illusion of "Life Balance" is a thought pattern that is designed to keep you stuck. Creating a life with your desires in mind, developing sensible systems & styling a simple plan to take inspired action will get those "spokes" moving with ease.

Professional Organizer & Author of "Renew Your Space at Your Own Pace"


I am a Space & Productivity Stylist, having assisted businesses & home organization for over 20 years . I have hundreds of articles with tips and tutorials on renewing your space, re-homing techniques and productivity plans. I use an intuitively-guided approach of introducing Creative Productivity and Simple Routine into your home, work or play.


There are four ways you can work with me & my unique methods:



In your busy environment, I empathize with the amount of responsibility you're carrying. Chances are you're feeling overwhelmed because you don't know where to start!!

Stop spinning your wheels, take that burden off of your shoulders and allow me to style a plan for you to Take Action today!

I see you! And I have been there myself. I began this journey as an extremely unorganized child. I was a free-spirit & easily distracted. One day, my teacher reprimanded me in front of the entire class and I was humiliated. It was true - I often forgot my homework, I couldn't find things in my room and I would procrastinate until I would get into trouble. This led me on a quest to pull myself together. I created the "Go-bag" and "Re-homing" system, and learned to keep a schedule that I could easily follow. Turns out, I was a natural - and you can be a natural too. 


What do you need to renew today? Visit these articles on  Space, TimeBudget, Mind, Body, Spirit...  


There are so many areas of our lives that are in dire need of Renewal, and it brings me so much joy to help you in some way.  XOXO - Renee Weatherford


We don't strive for perfection here, only inspired action....  


Sign up for your FREE Time Renewing Tool Kit, and take advantage of the valuable resources I have gathered for you.  When you're ready, let's meet for coffee {through Skype} where we can talk about what you desire most, and see if we're a match to work together.



Have a beautiful day!



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