An Entrepreneur’s Hustle Can Keep Her On Plan

There is one thing that is abundantly clear about my self, and that is: If I don’t stick to a routine, it won’t get done. I am learning to let go of left-brained ideals of productivity, and instead opening myself up to a freer schedule, but let’s get real here – I am a creature of habit! Can you relate?


As a planner, I can create the most intricate timelines for my life. I have shared so much of my little system and how I break the work, social, home-keeping, etc. down into a precision, but if I don’t take the extra step to put it down in my book, the effort is lost.


In my quest for better focus, I noticed something quite amazing. When that *one* action is not taken (the *one* thing that holds it all together like glue), the entire plan falls down like dominoes. So the common denominator that seems to be the glue in my routine is Blogging! It is the one action, which when I take, keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine.


And I have not been consistently blogging for quite a while now. My life had become too complimented to stay up with it. But just like with the action of exercise, when we fall out of that habit, a whole series of unhealthy events ensues. As an Entrepreneur, I find this a key piece of information in that applies to all Business Owners to Take Action:


Find your personal puzzle piece which holds it all together, and treat it like gold.


So here is what that looks like for me…


  • Sit down to my Filofax every Saturday, and devise a plan for the week, month and quarter ahead.

  • Break down my goals to bite-sized action steps.

  • Add to my Editorial Calendar for the Blogs I plan to write and when to release them.

  • Batch write copy.

  • Create styled photos or purchase stock for posts.

  • Recycle blog posts & photos for social media.

  • Sit down to my Filofax to plan new week and schedule in above actions.


You see how that works? It creates more work, yes. But it also keeps a spinning wheel of action!


And as I get back into the groove, it all comes so naturally. I look forward to my copy-writing days. I feel at ease knowing what to expect week after week. I feel in flow with my routine. I feel clear about what I need to do. I am living in freedom because I am not a slave to my To Do List, and I am no longer “putting out fires”.


This. Is. Everything!


What does your routine feel like? 

At this time, do you feel in a groove? Do you look forward to your work? Do you experience ease, flow, clarity and freedom? 

What can you do to create more of those feelings?

What is the *One* thing/action that keeps it all together for you?


XOXO – Renee


Need a little help creating your own “well-oiled-machine”? Let’s talk! I am moving into some V.A. work, and I would love to be a part of your team. Click Here to schedule a time to talk.

Renee Weatherford

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