Avoid Information Mix-up With this Productivity Trick

Renew Your SpaceIf you are juggling several projects or course work, chances are you have a lot of paperwork that gets mixed together at some point.  I had this problem while taking a few classes recently and while toting around my worksheets, I realized I needed something to separate them.

I found these wonderful poly folders Made by Martha Stewart at Staples.  They are see-through so it is easy to identify what is inside, and they are extremely efficient because of their design.  They do not open up like a regular folder – they’re open at the top and one side to easily slip papers in, and the little tab at the top right corner keeps them secure.

Renew Your Space

I used my label maker to give each one a title, which catapulted me into getting things done.


Here are a few examples of what I needed to separate and how it helped me:


  1. I was developing a new home budget system & had several pages I was working on.
  2. Website brainstorms and statistic information needed for reading.
  3. Data Entry for a work project.
  4. A local Desire Map Group meet-up notes and information.
  5. Course notes and worksheets.


Renew Your SpaceThe thin files fit right into my work bag and as I have time to work on each project, I can simply trade them in and out without mixing up pages or making a mess in my tote.


Take Action Now!

Do you have paperwork that continually gets tangled in a web of chaos?  Find a system that works for you and separate your projects out to create ease and productivity.





Renee Weatherford

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