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Trays create instant organization for groupings like your perfumes

This is an area of my home that I thought I had it down.  However once I got going with this weeks’ challenge, I found more and more areas I could improve.  I adjusted quite a bit and even purged more than I thought I would allow myself to.  Letting go of makeup is difficult for me – I admit – I tend to hoard those beautiful Sephora samples.  They go in a beautiful box by my bathtub with all the fruity bubbles and bath balms which I never {ever} use.  So out it went…  all of it!


I did the same with nail polish and lipstick – I mean, really…  I don’t think I’ll be getting into that Malibu Barbie pink lip look anytime soon.  And those chanel perfume samples look so pretty but they are just too strong for my palate.  The most exciting thing about purging for me is creating space for the new.  Renewal at its finest…  Now time to go shopping!


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I created zones in medicine cabinet for different routines


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Place Like Items Together


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Great Acrylic Container for Coralling Frequently Used Items


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I added some motivational quotes and photos to the inside of my cabinet


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I turned these old perfume bottles into something VERY useful (DIY to follow!)


Products I love from the Container Store:

These deep bins are my favorite way to organize my nail polish. When I do my nails at home, I simply grab the bin which holds all of my nail files, trimmers and cotton as well.


My taller products go under the sink on a lazy suzan – this is great for items that can get shoved into the back of the cabinet.


I like to use unique storage intended for other areas of the home, that is useful for a specific need. I love these tiered shelves to keep extra items I’ve stocked up on (deoderants, foundations, lotions, etc.)

Silverware organizers are perfect for makeup pencils, tubes, brushes & anything that can lie flat. My favorite brand is Linus at the Container Store – it is made very well and looks so nice in my drawers and cabinets.

How are you doing on your organizing journey? Any useful tips you can share?

There are so many fabulous ideas on Pinterest – I can gaze at it all day…

Renee Weatherford

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