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In an article published through a fellow-blogger, The Work At Home Wife, I shared the story of how I had come into this field.  If you are an entrepreneur or work from home, you will love the generous information Angie provides.

I will never forget the day that I decided to work for myself. It was a rainy, blustery evening and I had been feeling unappreciated at my current job. The week had been one filled with small “fires” that everyone wanted me to put out, and I was so tired of giving so much of myself.

I popped in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” and settled in with my husband. Assuming it was just another chick flick, he quickly dozed off to sleep, but something inside of me was awakened for the very first time. There was just something about that woman’s adventure that sparked some crazy match within. I sat up and took note of how I was feeling and where I wanted to be. To make a very long story short, within a few months, I had single-handedly found a replacement for my job and ventured into the unknown.

I did not start out to become a Professional Organizer right away. They always say that successful entrepreneurs try many things before they find their true niche. In my case, they were right – I actually started out with my own little brick and mortar boutique, which was exciting and invigorating. I had never sold retail before, or even used a cash-register, so designing a store from the ground up was a dream come true. I would have to say that running my own business was an amazing experience, but the set-up was my favorite part. Finding my product & vendors, picking paint and patterns for the layout, and designing a window display were all extremely rewarding.

But there is another element to this process that is its own subject – the organizational side; putting together the Point of Sale, web mastering, developing ecommerce, bookkeeping and fashioning an efficient filing system. I found this element to be my true passion and along with it came the deep desire to be extremely organized. The paperwork, the files, the schedules, and time management. Suddenly I realized that I was truly an expert in making it all work… a well-oiled machine as I liked to call it.

I eventually transitioned into my current line of work, which is helping others set up their new businesses. I also organize people’s homes, teach workshops on time management and do virtual organizing via eMail and video. Reflecting back to all the times friends, family & coworkers had sought my advice on how I managed to keep my work so balanced or my home so organized, I can now look back and clearly see that path which led me to where I am today. It is my purpose, and anyone who works within their true calling in life can tell you that it is the most wonderful thing they have ever experienced.

Working for myself brings so much confidence. It brings substance and knowledge into my life that had never before existed. There are a few drawbacks to working for myself – it takes discipline, and I mean lots of discipline! Loving what I do tends to make me work over 12 hours a day, so I have to be very careful to structure my schedule. I have to calendar in every detail of my job so that I am able to close the loop with my client and my bookkeeping, which demands a large portion of my time. And since I teach life-balance to my clients, I have to really practice what I preach by not neglecting the other aspects in my own life.

If you are at that pivotal crossroads where you are dreaming of becoming your own boss, I challenge you to explore your passions and discover how you can make a living at doing what you love. By taking that leap of faith, you may just find that your most amazing career has been waiting patiently inside you all along.

Renee Weatherford is the CEO and Professional Organizer for Renew Your Space . She also shares weekly tips on her blog at ReneW

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