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Over the course of the past five months, I have met some amazing ladies right here on this organizing blog and have developed friendships that I had never known would exist in the world of blogging. It doesn’t seem like only five months – it definitely feels a lot longer. It’s not always easy to take time out to read everybody’s blogs and develop relationships along the way, but whenever I do I always learn something from these brilliant writers. And the payoff far exceeds the time needed to comment back and read up on their lives. I just grab a cup of coffee and go blog-hopping.

There have been times when I would just happen upon a blog and see my name or my business name. My heart would race, and I’d explore further to see a wonderful post about my writing or services. Wow! You honored me? It’s so humbling to read the words “Thank You”, or that I have really helped them out in one way or another. My blog exists merely to give words of advice, and pass along small bits of information that had helped a client (or myself) in the interim. It is truly music to my ears to find that it has helped, even in some small way.

So to those who have given me shouts and mentions; this is for you

Wendy at Good Morning Sunshine discusses healthy living and positive things on her blog. She always has something uplifting to read, and her bright cheerful heading always brings a smile to my face. Her very generous feature Be Good To Yourself Tip of the Day featured my business on her keeping clean and organized post.

Karen over at A Peek At Karen’s World blogs about daily life and adorable memes like Face it Friday and Confession Wednesdays. But perhaps what I love about her most is that she is a true LOST fan, which are the most interesting discussions of all!! 😉 She gave me this really awesome mention the other day on her blog of the week!

One of my favorite bloggers is Angie over at The Work At Home Wife. I have a lot in common with her, as I am also a work at home wife & her career as a Virtual Assistant often parallels with my Virtual Organizing. Here, she did a feature on why I decided to work for myself.

Then, there are the occasional Blog Rolls ~ This is so completely nice, and again, I just stumbled on these so if you have placed me in your blog roll, let me know & I will gladly add you to mine!

A sweet Northern NJ lady at Write Out Loud discusses her day in the life and love for writing.

CoryAnne from Housewife Bliss is always amuzing with her witty banter and shares her amazing knowledge in nesting.

Renee with Sewn With Grace has impeccable taste and a unique skill for crafting.

These people without a doubt are fabulous reads and I am so grateful to have gotten to know them through blogging. Thanks again for your very generous mentions, as I want to pay it forward! 

So I have a gift for you and your organized blogs of note 🙂  You can wear it if you’d like, but I have NO idea how to insert the linkage  underneith (hey – I may be organized enough to blog and webmaster, but there are just some things that I do not understand…) so enjoy!


If you haven’t met these lovely women already, go check them out – you will be so glad to know them as well!

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Renee Weatherford

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