Body Clutter

Isn’t it true that clearing the clutter in your home or office makes you feel uplifted and more productive?  It somehow releases great vibes and gives you time and energy to enjoy the things in life that you want to spend time on.

The same goes for your body – we have body clutter inside and out, just as we accumulate the junk inside and outside of our homes. The difference is that we see our homes and things as tangible objects that can morph and improve, but often do not see that kind of potential for our bodies.

When it comes to our bodies, so many women have become accustomed to putting off the most important thing of their lives, (their sacred temple) and letting that junk drain them of precious energy.

Clutter can creep into any space, whether in our homes or our bodies, and it either gets addressed right away when there are clear systems and space for what’s needed, or it gets stepped over and ignored until it inhibits our growth.  If this resonates with you, I would encourage you to make the decision to take action on your desires and create a system that clears this type of clutter from your daily habits.

This form of purging needs to be carefully crafted and divinely guided in order to fully eliminate it. Similar to tackling physical clutter, body clutter can be viewed in the same manner, by writing down what is not working, researching the best options for getting it all organized, formulating a plan for getting there and taking action.

I have recently started a “Get Real”, simple routine to rev up my metabolism and get me motivated to get back in shape. I have had a hard time in the last few years with battling an Autoimmune Disease in the form of a Histamine allergy. I am basically allergic to any foods that contain histamine, (and trust me, the list is loooong!)  On top of that, I have gluten sensitivity and I am allergic to chicken. That leaves me with a very empty plate at the end of the day, and temptation is my archenemy. My energy had completely left the building.

Since one of my Core Desired Feelings was “Strong”, I decided I can’t waste another minute feeling depleted.  My approach was to attack this with the same system I use to attack clutter. With love, with a clear plan, with inspired action, and at my own pace

Implementing it in a sacred, gentle way is the best guide for me to pay attention. These are the few simple adjustments I’ve made to my routine, and you may enjoy incorporating some of these into your own schedule:

1.  Empty out the Pantry – Take out everything from top to bottom and wipe down your shelves and bins.  Look at the expiration dates and nutritional value – do you really want to keep that? Is it expired? How does it make you feel?  If needed, create a separate shelf for snack foods and label it for your family.  I did this for a client who was trying to eat healthier, but needed snack items for her children, so we labeled that cupboard “Indulgences” and that way, if she should find herself reaching for that area, she is reminded that she is giving up a good meal for an indulgence…  it worked for her!

2.  Commit to Eat Clean – This was something I had have been saying I was doing, but when I truly examined it, about  50% of my refrigerator was not really “clean”.  Buying organic food wasn’t in the best interest of my pocket-book.  But how wrong was I when I found out that I am actually saving money because it tastes better and I am not letting fruits and vegetables go bad.  We use up everything we buy because it was bought consciously.  And now that I’ve seen the positive effects of eating real sugar, real oils, and organic eggs, this is a non-negotiable.  There is no price tag too high on maintaining good health.  Planting a small garden of lettuce, herbs and small veggies is wonderful to add to my meal-planning.  Even if you only have room for a small container garden, you can save a lot of money by planting herbs you use frequently. Doesn’t that look delicious?

3.  Drink Your Water – I know this is a given, but since I began conscience eating, I realized how dehydrated I was and therefore retaining a lot of water-weight. I started filling my 24 oz. water bottle 3 times a day to force myself into flushing out my system.  I fill it right when I get out of bed, right after my workout (because when I work out, I always drink a full one) and then again before dinner.  I started putting lemon, cucumber slices and mint leaves in the water just to make it interesting and I am loving it.  I think this has really contributed to losing puffiness in my face and flushing out the toxins.

4.  Discover Your Soulmate Workout – This is not the easiest for me because with my business, I am always running from one task to the next, but I found that creating an online group where I have connected with women to be inspired by and workout with, has been the best kind of motivation!  They were within my range of weight loss & have been supporting me like crazy.  I even made some new friends in this big new city that I moved to 🙂  What I love about it is that I can track my meals and exercise so that I know exactly how many calories I need to burn throughout the week, and we have some friendly competitions to keep the motivation going. Interested in joining? Stay tuned – I will be announcing it soon!

5.  Find a Nutritional Plan that is a Lifestyle Not a Diet – I have tried everything there is to try, but my plateau just kept holding me at a weight that I did not feel good about.  I didn’t really yo-yo – I just kept going back to this horrifying number like a magnet.  I found that the word DIET should not be in my vocabulary. Neither should the term “Lose Weight”, because subconsciously I’ve been telling myself I will have to find it…  I have tried for over ten years and traditional dieting is just not going to work, especially with my allergies.  I found that sacred care, a solid routine and a tribe of women who are vested in my well-being was my only reprieve. Once I surrendered to my core wellness, I restored the nutrition my body was craving and I am finally beginning to build back healthy muscle.  I hadn’t realized just how much I was depriving myself until I found the right recipe for wellness, and you, too will find your true energy when you plan for your own self-renewal.

These are just a few things that have helped me in the past month, and I wanted to share this with you because I truly feel amazing!  Just as with my home, I hope to clear out all of that body clutter so that I have the energy and motivation to do the things that I enjoy.



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