Ease of Living Doesn't Have To Be Difficult to Achieve

If you have been feeling stuck, overwhelmed or have been procrastinating on getting your home in order, I have a technique that will not only get you motivated, but give you immediate results on your progress. Organization is not just about making space pretty - it is about getting to the core of what created the clutter, and discovering how our unique desires can lead to the proper focus in achieving a healthy balance. In this membership program, I will walk you through 50 steps to a fully balanced home.

How does this work?

  • Each month a new topic will open in which we will concentrate on renewing.
  • Each week, you will receive specific steps and techniques to guide you into a deeper level of organization through the topic.
  • Immediate access into our inner-circle where your Bonuses reside.
  •  You will receive entry to a special member's' only site and community circle.
  • Access to the Renewal Library will be available to you at any time, where each video and article will be stored.
  • I will be available to you during scheduled "Office Hours" for questions about organization, productivity or routines.
  • Year-long members receive "Back Stage Passes" to special workshops, workbooks and more.


The first issue will be released in May. However, if you join now, you will receive two BONUS issues, as well as a special invite to our online Community!


If you've been feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to do to declutter your home, this profound technique will get you Squared Away and Taking Action right now! You can have ease in your daily routines, and this process will blow you away by its simplicity!  

YES! I'm Ready!

fade-leftfade-rightImagine Feeling...

  • Clear about what you want and don't want
  • In flow with the function of your home
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Aligned with the space around you
  • A sense of Renewal

If you're ready to Take Action on your space, don't let this opportunity pass you by!

This membership site will become a juicy hit, so get in while the price is the lowest it will ever be! You have nothing to lose but the clutter that is weighing on your shoulders. If you would rather join the DIY 4-week Course for Renewing Your Sacred Space, click HERE.

YES! I'm Ready!

Waiting List

If you would prefer to be added to the Waiting List for when the doors officially open in May, we will send you an email with all of the information to remind you in mid-April.

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