Create A Moving Inventory With An App

Packing is still fresh on my mind after having moved my dad twice and myself once recently.  My vision became impeccably clear while sitting in the middle of enough kitchen supplies to fill five homes.  How did I collect all of this, and why do I still have it?  I know the answer is not simple – I have downsized from a very large home into 4 smaller homes over the past five years.  It is obvious to everyone but me that my love of entertaining will need to take a back-burner at this rate, and so goes my down-sizing  efforts… but that is a whole other article to consider.

In previous moves, my system of taking inventory proved to be an amazing tool that assisted me well into years after the relocation.  There, I listed my boxes numerically for personal packing and alphabetically for my business boxes.  I still refer to this list when I am in need of an item that had gone to storage or in archives.  But my most recent move had to be quick, and I have become reliant on my smart phone for everything important in my life.

I searched for packing apps for my iPhone and the one that really stood out to me was simply titled, “Moving Day”.  This app has literally thought of everything – you plug in your moving details, add each box or large item, write descriptions of the contents and then you’re ready to print your QR codes!  I love this because it comes with individualized codes that you can scan with your phone and it coincides with the inventory list.  I just used sticky paper printed from home.

When your delivery arrives, you click over and check off your boxes as they come in to make sure nothing is missing.  In my case, I did this for my storage unit since I have down-sized quite a bit, so I can later go back to my boxes when I need an item that I am looking for – There is no guessing!

There is no guarantee your delivery will arrive safely at the other end but with this app, you will have an ‘at-a-glance’ itemization at your fingertips, which can assist you today or years from now in storage.  And to me, that is peace of mind.

Renee Weatherford

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