Create new energy in your space with this one action

Do you feel stuck or stagnant energy around your home and office? It may even be nicely organized, but there is just something off about it? This one small action can lift the vibe and instantly renew your space.

As a young girl who was naturally drawn to interior design, I was always looking for opportunities to move the furniture around in my room. I had many options because as a child, I didn’t have much – just the basics; a bed, dresser, nightstand and a few cherished possessions that filled me with joy. (Kind of what I’m going for in a minimalistic adult lifestyle). I can recall the bed being placed in front of the window one month, and  in the next, it would be kitty-corner, facing the door. I eluded absolute joy over viewing the multitude of options and diversity of my sacred space just by re-arranging a few pieces.

I was intrinsically onto something, because I later learned this simple action creates an energetic shift that can instantly transform a dull, boring space into something to entice your senses and increase the vibe of a space.

If you are limited by wall space which limits the placement of your furniture, you can achieve the same effect by swapping out the accessories of a room. Pillow covers can be exchanged with colors or designs which bring out the natural seasons, add a floral arrangement to pull out a specific accent color, add some trendy candles, switch out framed pictures with a new theme, purchase some updated lamp shades, create a new collection that highlights your personality, buy a new rug or drapes, adding a new color of paint to create a “power wall”. Simply moving the same decor around in a room will even transform the feel.  Also try pulling in items from other rooms that may give it a fresh look.


Take Action

If you’re desiring a new, uplifting feeling for your space, move a few pieces around until you see the results you want. The new vibe might even inspire you to declutter & organize!


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Renee Weatherford

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