Creating a Wellness Planner

www.RenewYourSpace.comOver the years, I have drastically changed the way that I plan my weeks, and I am proud to share this wellness plan for anyone who needs a healthy dose of vitality in their routine.

After becoming a Licensee of Desire Mapping, I recognized the need for more wellness planning in my life. I can now clearly see how society has it backwards – there is really no such thing as Life Balance, and Time Management, because embracing the little unexpected things that come along is the reality of fully living. And placing our well-being first is crucial to a healthy, happy life.

www.RenewYourSpace.comTime is but a ripple. It is an illusion, because we can never truly manage it. Yes, we need to set limits and stay on a schedule if we ever want to achieve our goals, but when we turn goals into well-being, we can begin to live more fully.

{The first thing I did to change my routine was to think of my Self Care, especially after suffering from a Histamine Allergy the last couple of years. I realize how much I have missed out because I placed everything else ahead of my own health. That had to stop because if I kept going along with the old routine, I would eventually end up in the Hospital.}

What are you missing out in your day-to-day routine that needs to be a part of your own care? For me it was a list like this:


Spa Day – A day to do my nails & whiten my teeth. Put a nice face mask on and take a bubble bath.

Fitness – A reasonable schedule to get my blood pumping.

Nutrition -Planning out healthy meals and time to shop for local, organic, whole foods.

Connection – Date Night to spend time with my Husband

Dancing – My time to free my soul and get lost in my favorite music.

Game Night – To bring together my favorite people for fun & laughter

Creativity – A date with myself to paint, color, write…

Community – Space in my week to reconnect with friends & explore my city.

Family Outing – A road trip to nowhere, or a time to reconnect with nature.


Of course, there are weeks that go by when I just can’t get to them all and some weeks I submerge myself in all of this wellness. But for the most part, when I plan my month by placing these needs first, I never miss the opportunity to feel the way that I want to feel.


Take Action

How can you create a planner that puts your wellness first?

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am going to be adding Mindful Weight-loss as an addition to this blog in my “Renew Yourself” series. If you are interested in participating in this, please leave a comment below. More information will be posted soon.



Renee Weatherford

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