Creating a Home Gym

Photo Sep 21, 1 30 01 PMWe have been blessed to have a room in our home that we can call our gym.  It saves us money as opposed to high public gym fees, and it is the first room I see when I retrieve my coffee in the morning so I can’t ignore it.  We had one years ago filled with nice equipment but after several moves, we had downsized tremendously.  Now I am re-creating the gym experience in our new home with what we have, and I think we are very close to being done.

I transformed an old framed picture into a mirror to create space and light in the room, and hung a dry-erase board for my tracking information.  Those are the only things on the walls right now – I like to keep it simple and keep the focus on my workout.

My husband got me this punching bag which I adore!  I’m a fan of Turbo Fire and love kick-boxing, so I got these pink boxing gloves to remind me I’m girlie 🙂

Photo Sep 21, 8 12 56 AM

Photo Sep 21, 2 31 38 PM

I have an Indo Board, which simulates surfing.

It’s not only fun, but it really works your hips and thighs.

Photo Sep 21, 2 29 24 PM

Photo Sep 21, 2 30 43 PM

My recumbant bike overlooks beautiful coastal mountains, making my morning workout a place to feel the graditude.

Photo Sep 21, 2 29 49 PM

A small {very} DVD player which is portable, sits atop a small table so that I can play my workout DVD’s in private.  Most of the time I will use our big TV in the living room, but I can come in here, pop in a workout and get my sweat on in privacy.  Some of my favorite DVD’s are Yoga For Surfers, Kundalini Yoga, Turbo Jam/Fire, Kathy Ireland’s Core {old but good} and belly dancing – yes, it is a fun and sexy workout!

Photo Sep 21, 2 31 10 PM


Photo Sep 21, 1 23 47 PM

I’ve also added a small prayer altar and meditation area, because I’m cool like that…

I hope this post has given you a little inspiration, and if you have a home gym that you would like to share, please head on over to our private Facebook Page and show it off!  We would love to see how you have made space for your workouts.  Next up is week 7 ~ The guest quarters, so get ready to fluff your pillows and stock up on supplies.

Renee Weatherford

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