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Photo Feb 05, 3 16 00 PMI got a huge response from a Pinterest photo  I posted on my weight loss routine, and I thought I would give some detail about it here on the blog.

Since I need to have colorful visuals to maintain my interest, I have created a special system that tracks every detail so that I won’t fail.  I am in no way a health professional or fitness consultant – these are tools that have been successful throughout my journey.  I keep a divider in my Filofax planner titled “Spark” so that I will stay sparked to remain healthy.  Anything pertaining to my fitness routine goes in this section.


This is what I set up before-hand so that I have all the tools to keep me on track:



  • Do some digging into the healthy BMI and weight range for your height and age.  {You can calculate it HERE}
  • Decide what it takes to lose 1-2 pounds per week – (3500 calories = 1 lb. – How many calories can you BURN to make this deficit happen?)
  • Find out how long it will take to meet your goal.  A great tool is through Spark People – You plug in your goal weight and pounds you desire to lose per week, and it will project the time frame to lose it.
  • Discover what your “soul mate” workout is – This would typically be something you enjoy doing without feeling as if it were a chore.  Plan out one or two alternate workouts, or locate nearby Gyms or personal trainers.


Photo Feb 05, 4 51 11 PMStats

  • Weigh in and record this initial weight on a Statistics sheet.
  • Take your measurements.
  • Record your current Body Mass Index & your target BMI.



The tools that I use are the key to a healthy lifestyle.  If it weren’t for my tracking system, Meal Planner, and stat checks, I wouldn’t have enough accountability to make any progress.  Here are some of the guides and forms I have created for success, which I hope will help you too.

  • Create an Excel graph with the weights in one column, dates in the next and actual achievement to track weekly progress.
  • Use a separate graph to record measurements taken weekly or monthly.
  • Break down your goal by setting several mini goals.  If you need to, plan 5-10 lbs at a time or break it down into quarters (1/4,  1/2,  3/4) so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the details in-between.
  • Make a mini-vision board right in your daily planner or post it for inspiration.  (I went on Pinterest and printed out simple workouts and tips that I can do anywhere.)
  • My “Do It Anyway” form allows me to track my workouts, water intake, vitamins & calories daily for 7 weeks!  I also use a FriXion erasable pen so that I can use it over and over.
  • Keeping a list of the rewards you’d like to get when you meet a milestone is fabulous motivation.  Think spa day, hike, girl’s weekend, etc…
  • List regular workouts/activities as a reminder of all the fun things to get those 10,000 steps in.
  • List important foods/supplements you want to keep in your daily routine.
  • The most important tool in my planner is my “Fact Sheet”.  I keep this for the times that I get amnesia and forget all of this important information (it happens…)

Here is your free “Do It Anyway” printable – It is formatted to print on 1/2 letterhead or A5 sheet:  {Click HERE to download}

Photo Feb 05, 4 50 26 PM



  •  In my personal ongoing journey, I have found that for me, 40 minutes of cardio is the only way to maintain weight-loss.  So changing it up with various routines is my way of staying on track, and keeping a log in my daily planner makes it easy to monitor.

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  • Choose a weigh-in date to begin & weigh on the same morning every week.
  •  Find a group that you can find support from either online or locally.  I love getting inspiration from both – using friendly competition & meet-ups for dance, yoga & walking.


How do you find inspiration?  Do you know of a great online support group that you can share here?

Renee Weatherford

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