Using Desires As A Stepping Stone

untitledMoving right along in the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, I really had to step back and take a deep look into the path that lies ahead for me.  Inspiration comes in waves – creative forces, mentors, even bits of information I pick up from a book or an online post.  It all collectively moves me closer towards my goals, however none of it makes a bit of difference if I don’t have a clear path to where I want to go in the weeks or months ahead.

For those of you following along with the book club, this is your next step in the process (and even if you’ve never heard of the Desire Map – this is a fantastic practice to put in place). 


What are the stones that lie before you?


If you love planning on the Creative plane, place your desires on a piece of paper and draw several “roads” or paths pointing to a new destination.  Don’t worry about making this perfect, this visual practice is for your eyes only.  This can be a new project at work, a new blog idea, a goal for your family or home – anything that you have aspirations in.

Photo Jan 02, 10 28 52 PMThis is such fantastic work once you creatively place the “stepping-stones” of information toward the final goal.  Don’t put a lot of thought into it – just enjoy the process of each step.

What new thoughts come to mind?  The end result is not to have a perfect picture (although if you do, that is an added bonus).  The end result in this exercise is to find those little epiphanies along the way.

Keep a small list of these new ideas and transfer them to your planner.   You may stumble upon just the right idea to catapult you toward that final destination.

Where do you want your path to lead?  What kind of stepping-stones do you need to place before you get there?



Your Chance to Show Off Your Organizational Skills:

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