Desk Drawer Organizaiton

www.RenewYourSpace.comDo your desk drawers look like a scene from Hoarders?

These tips will get you back to ease and organization in no time…

When you are busy working on files and projects, it is easy to lose sight of where things go in your work space. In a moment of excitement during closing time clean-up, you might stick things in a random drawers to get out and they quickly turn into junk drawers.

www.RenewYourSpace.comHere is your reprieve… you can have a beautifully organized drawer system in just one hour. No matter how messy it is, follow these seven super-simple steps and you will find renewal in this space:


  1. Empty the drawer completely
  2. Throw away any garbage (this includes old pencils, pens that have no ink, random pen caps, misc. stuff that doesn’t belong).
  3. Place anything that truly goes into another area, like another room, another desk, or to another person, set aside or in a basket for relocation.
  4. Set your drawer up with containers – the more the better. When you can fill the entire drawer space with containerized compartments, you are more likely to keep it organized.
  5. Sort like items together (pens, paperclips, note pads, etc.)
  6. Toss out or donate anything that is broken or has too many duplicates.
  7. Assign a home for each item. That means in each compartment, only that one thing will live there (binder clips, post-its, scissors, envelope slicer, etc.

If you have trouble re-homing items after they have been organized, then get a label-maker and label its home! Having labels is the best way to remind yourself where things go and where to find them.

www.RenewYourSpace.comDon’t slack on tossing things that you don’t need. This is where we get into trouble with clutter, and I have seen far too many offices hoarding ridiculous garbage that will never EVER get used. I recently organized an office space where they were keeping old return envelopes saved from bills, pens that have no ink, white-out that has turned into glue, box tops that do not have a box, old used manila files by the hundreds, scratch paper that has clearly been saved for years, old newspapers stacked to the ceiling, and hundreds of empty envelope boxes… So there is a clear line between function-able supplies and space-wasters.

It’s okay to have just ONE thing in a contained space. Do you see the letter-opener to the left? That was a gift to my Mother from the American Cancer Society for her charitable volunteer efforts many years ago. Since I worked for ACS, this is a very meaningful item that I treasure and use everyday, so I treat it with respect by keeping it separated from anything that might rub and damage it. I have a separate section for the calculator and business cards, etc. It just gives the drawer a better flow, and function by creating space.

Have fun with your space – Group colorful pens together, create pretty boxes to contain small items, tidy areas up that tend to become a catch-all and buy fun containers to create a delight when you open up your drawers.


Take Action

What is lurking in your desk drawers? What can you let go of today & add to create a calm space to work from?



Renee Weatherford

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