Embracing the “Woo” and Renewing Within

www.RenewYourSpace.comThe world is changing, and people have been aligning with their soul’s purpose more and more in this new age. Self-renewal is one of the greatest riches in life – when you align with your zone of genius and embrace your truth, life gets so much more interesting.

Here are three ways to open up to your personal alignment, and allow your desires to set you free.

How do you Renew Within? This is what I have found, and a little story on how I found it…


  1. Follow your heart – Stop going along with the mainstream flow, and begin listening to your inner-wisdom. She is always right!
  2. Breathe into situations – Instead of reacting, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and count to eleven. You may be amazed by how much more aligned you feel after doing some breath work. Most of us aren’t breathing right & creating stress in our daily lives.
  3. Simply Unplug – Walk away from technology and quiet your mind. We are so full of Social Media that we have forgotten how to connect with ourselves.


I discovered my “woo” about eight years ago, when my husband and I ventured out into the world and took a Hiatus from life as we knew it.  We traveled the world and truly found our happiness by paying close attention to our true calling.  I am very blessed to have a man who has taken this adventure and grown with me.  He is just as open to it all as I am, maybe even more so.  He was the first person to open my eyes about Spirituality and looking at the world in a new way.

I have really noticed a shift in my community in the last couple years – more togetherness, sisterhood and support. I came from an area of women who were heavily into competition and jealousy, so the first half of my life was going against the grain – surrounded by toxic people and situations.



As the years passed, we allowed those negative forces flow out of our lives and in return, an overwhelming flood of loving, caring people entered. Positive opportunities overshadowed any lack, fear and blocks in our life.  It was a confirmation of all the work we put into researching and experimenting with the thought process.  As a Psychology major, this was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me.

That is what you call abundance! Talk about Renewal…

Now this philosophy is trickling into my work. It is no surprise that I have come out of the “woo” closet – you can see it in my Instagram photos. I’ve done a few posts here and in our Facebook page – even started some new, woo-only groups, which has grown in massive ways.  It’s a confirmation that my work, my writing, my tribe is right where it is supposed to be.www.RenewYourSpace.com

So, I am infusing my “woo-ness” into Renew Your Space. It has always been there, I just have never actually proclaimed the Spiritual, Science of Mind of it.  But there it is. There will be more to come.

And in celebration, I am doing a special Giveaway with other Spiritual Entrepreneur friends of mine. Check out the Instagram post HERE and follow along.  In the next week, you can win some really amazing prizes through our giveaway there.

Are you embracing your “woo” too? I hope you love it as much as I do & good luck with the contest entry!



Renee Weatherford

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