Even a Business of Renewal Needs New Beginnings

RenewYourSpace.comRenewal to me means a fresh, exciting perspective. I have always resonated with the new beginnings of Spring and the expansion that nature offers as it renews the world around us.

There comes a time when even greatest trends fade, and we dig deep to spark new excitement. This is where I’ve been in the past six months. Craving something more – knowing deep within my heart there needs to be more excitement at the “Renew Your Space” headquarters.

To be quite honest, I used this time to focus on self-care and back away from my daily process of client calls and blog posts. Although I am head over heels in love with what I’ve created here and all of the women I am honored to work (and play) with, this was a time for me to nurture my soul.

I began to think about dreams I have yet to fulfill and my bucket began to run over. So I decided to do something about it:

  • I walked away for a while so that I could recharge and renew myself
  • I set out on an adventure in Costa Rica on a “Wilderness Walk”, where I worked hard to push through any limits I was still I AMclinging to.
  • I left my side gig so that I can enjoy working from home (or anywhere in the world)
  • I began an extensive home renovation that has really just begun
  • I’m becoming a Minimalist
  • I took quite a few vacations to focus on my family & friends
  • I signed up for a spiritual retreat in Bali
  • I’m releasing a lot of weight that I had gathered up while my father was ill and beginning a new cleanse this week!
  • I became a certified Practitioner in Elemental Space Clearing and Reiki
  • I launched a fun and beautiful Course, “Renew Your Sacred Space
  • And a brand new project that I’m dying to show off (click HERE – You’re going to love this!)

It has been quite the summer, and that is just naming a few. I guess you can say I am being renewed, myself. But there can be a down-side to all of this fun: I’ve let the blog go by the wayside, and our little organizing challenges have been few.

Burnout can happen, however this was more than burnout. I am ready to step fully into my business and allow myself to be seen. So here I am… putting myself out there in many ways. A few changes are coming, and it’s only getting better. I have a new offer, a new opt-in and a brand spankin’ new Vlog where I’ll be sharing videos (I know – this is a loooong time coming!)

Thanks for reading!  I hope that you will move into more self care this season. Sometimes walking away can be the healthiest thing that you can do. When I walk away, I always turn back with more enthusiasm and energy than ever before.

Tell me in the comments – what have you been up to this season?

XOXO – Renee

Renee Weatherford

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