Filofax Friday – The Brain Dump

Photo Oct 25, 12 41 41 PMWhat is a “Brain Dump”,  you may ask?  No – it’s not a place where garbage goes to die, it is a space where dreams come to fruition.  This is an area of my planner where I turn to the most frequently.  I’ve created a divider and keep a never-ending supply of blank, lined and unlined scratch paper for when the inspiration strikes.  Nothing special, any bits of blank paper punched to fit.  Instead of turning to a list in my planner, I just let the ideas flow where they may.  The words usually begin with a simple note or reminder, only I reserve this space for the big guns – the big rocks in my life, the big goals…

The brainstorming process is therapeutic, meaning whenever I create the time for it, I will put on some inspirational music or sit quietly with the question in mind.  Where do I want this to go?  How do I see myself doing this?  How do I want to feel?  Sometimes the page ends up in a bubble map, some are more like a vision board where I will cut and paste ideas for a project that I am working on.  But most of the time, it is just a million words scratched onto the sheet, hap-hazardly pointing to one simple answer.

The wording of my planner tab “Brain Dump” is more useful to me than something tidier like “Vision” or “Brainstorm”.  It is literally a space I Photo Oct 25, 1 22 07 PMcan dump out all of that information in my head which need to be processed.

Since creating this useful tool, I have been more productive than ever before, and remembered things that I normally would have passed by because I was too busy.  I have literally removed the worry of not getting to everything right away because I can simply flip to it when I do have the time and pick up where I left off.


What tricks do you use to get those important ideas out of your head and into action?

Renee Weatherford

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