Maintaining Daily Focus

How do you get it all done in a day?  That is a question everyone ponders from time to time, but the key to a successful day is to implement these four simple strategies:

  • Plan Ahead
  • Set Some Goals
  • Know Your Deadlines
  • Create a Routine

My planner contains everything I need to track, schedule, remember, reference, showcase and store all of the information necessary to run my business and my life.  But I really needed something to get me to focus on the things I had been procrastinating on.  Those little annoying tasks I’ve easily brushed over from one week to the next.  So I created a Daily Focus Page that give me prompts to track everything I need.

If this is something you’ve been looking for your A5 or Day Planner, {Get it Here}.  I’ve included printing instructions and a few extra productivity tips to get you started.


Take Action Now

Think about how your planning process goes.  Do you need to set aside time to get your goals down on paper?  Write out your main goals for this week and create deadlines for them.




Renee Weatherford

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