Filofax Friday – Planning a Purge

www.RenewYourSpace.comHow does having a planner help you purge and get more organized at home? This is a task that I schedule in my weekly routine and it keeps our house totally tidy.

This is a task I used to label as “Garbage Day” and it occupies every single Wednesday in my planner. But there is something about a good whole-home purge that makes it so productive. If I didn’t schedule it in, my whole week would get knocked off kilter. It’s like a domino effect & it’s clearly working for us!

So here is how it unfolds:

  • www.RenewYourSpace.comEvery Saturday, I sit down to plan out my week ahead – I gather up all of my appointments, birthdays & tasks and I schedule my life. It’s just a matter of fact – if I don’t see it on my schedule, it’s not happinin’.


  • Under Wednesday, I write four things:  Inventory, Meal Plan, Grocery List & Purge.


  • These are my prompts for what I need to focus in on after work. Just seeing those words triggers me to get it done so that I can move on to other more enjoyable things during the week. I quickly scan the pantry, write down a weeks’ worth of meals, jot down the groceries I need to fill in and clean out the refrigerator. This is a great time to assess the food and toss anything that is going bad.


  • I do a quick sweep around the house and empty all of the bathroom garbage cans, weed out stuff I’m ready to let go of and fill up my recycle bin. I look at my products in terms of use. (Is it almost empty? Time to use it up!) If I have containers to refill like soap dispensers, Q-Tip container and mouthwash that gets transferred to my pretty bottle, etc., then I try to fill everything up so that I can release the refill container.  It all gets bundled up and out on the curb so that we don’t have to rush around the morning the garbage trucks roll up.


When I take action on Wednesdays I’ve really accomplished a lot! My house is clean, I have a meal plan ready for the week ahead & I’m ready to go grocery shopping the next day.

It’s all about creating EASE so that we can open up more time to enjoy life.


Take Action

Brainstorm ways to create more ease into your routine. What is one action that will induce the domino effect in your week?




Renee Weatherford

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