Filofax Friday – Self Care Planning


www.RenewYourSpace.comDo you track “Self Care” in your planner? If this is something you want to start, take a look at this method…

There is so much wisdom held in my Filofax, mainly non-exciting, everyday left-brained tracking.  But I have come to a great balance between factual and vital reference pages.

My most used areas of my filofax are the finances (titled “Wealth Plan”), Strength (my weight-loss & workout routines) and Meal Plan.  The pages are rustic and worn from so much referencing. But I have found that other life areas such as “Wellness” is such an important subject to track.


Wellness to me is Health, Radiance, Vitality, Well-being…  It is so important to thriving in my world.  And yet, is so very easy to place at the bottom of my priorities.

Is this something that takes priority in your life? Is it something important enough to track and reference?

Here are a few important things that I keep track of:

  • Divine Self Care PracticesRenew Your Space
  • At Home Spa Recipes
  • My Natropath team (i.e. Chiropracter, Herbalist, Ayurveda Practitioner, etc.)
  • A list of health concerns that I want to address at my next wellness appointment

How does wellness convert into self-care?  Simply by saying so. What is important to you? It all goes hand-in-hand: Loving yourself, taking care, treating your body and mind before allowing the stress of the world in.

Wellness to me is creating time to breathe, meditate, walk the beach alone and read. Date nights & family outings…  This all goes in my planner before anything else because I want to make sure that I honor my time before honoring anyone else’s time.

How do you honor your time?



Renee Weatherford

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