Five Steps to Soulful Goals

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Goals sound so boring and even intimidating when you have no meaning attached to them.  When a goal feels overwhelming, you are going about it the hard way.


I have a formula that will infuse ease into any final outcome with these five steps:


1. Know why your goal is important to you.

2. Imagine the outcome you want to achieve from it.

3. Reverse engineer your way to the present.

4. Attach your core desires to the goal.

5. Change your course of action by replacing daunting tasks with good feelings in your plan.


How does this make your goals soulful? By changing your mind about how the process of how the goal feels… Usually when we work toward a goal, we’re not taking in the joys of the journey.


Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans – John Lennon


I have a quick example:

Goal – Lose 20 lbs.

Why – I want to have more energy & improve my health.

Outcome – I am stronger and look better in my clothes

Reverse Engineer

  • 20 lbs. lighter
  • Push past plateau point
  • Begin jogging again
  • Add  weights to routine
  • Get monthly spa treatments as reward
  • Add cardio to routine
  • Walk 20 min everyday
  • Find a walking buddy
  • Stretch every morning for 1 week
  • Adjust my daily calorie intake
  • Create a fun weight loss journal/goal book
  • Commit to my goal

Desires – Radiant, Focused, Creative, Connected

Replace tasks with feeling – Instead of blindly declaring I lose weight & feel better, I will connect with others who are on the same journey, keep a daily motivation journal and reward myself often.


Take Action

How can you create a spin on your goal-setting to include your core desires?



Renee Weatherford

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