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www.renewyourspace.comIf you struggle with focus in your life or business, look no further than your planner flyleaf for the inspiration.  I’ve created several of these focus sheets to push me into action, and I’ll show you how to do the same… At the very top of my Core Desired Feeling list is the word Focus.  Ever since discovering what my true CDF’s were, I’ve been on a quest to keep myself motivated and accountable www.renewyourspace.comtoward my business plans.  These are measurable action steps that push me into the next phase, rather than just carrying over the same To-Do’s on a list.  I am very much an advocate for a good old-fashioned list, but this is something that I’ve found to kick me in the Entrepreneurial butt. The flyleaf that comes with a planner is a clear, flimsy plastic made of acetate.  Many use it as a “Dashboard” for notes, but did you know you can make your own flyleaf?  And as many as you want to, with these transparent covers.  I searched far and wide for a cover that wasn’t too stiff, could be hole-punched with my Filofax 6-hole punch and not so flimsy that it doesn’t hold the page tight.  I found these transparent Binding Covers that were just right in a pack of 25! What You Will Need:

I began by sizing and cutting them down to size, hole punched and cut a slit into the holes for easy removal.  I used several soft color Post-Its and cut them in half.  There are six different subjects that I use for my Focus:

  1. Business
  2. Home
  3. Health
  4. Fitness
  5. Travel
  6. Creativity

You can get the exact same effect by keeping all of your lists on one sheet, but since I work with so many different aspects in my business, having multiple sheets works for me.  Once the task goes into the next phase, the sticky goes lower on the page, as there are times when I have to work in various steps to achieve the goal.  I got this original idea from Enjoyette from YouTube – She is one of my favorite Planner YouTubers out there!

Take Action

If you have a planner, whether it’s a pocket, personal, A5 or letter size, create a Focus Flyleaf (or several) to push you into the next level.



Renee Weatherford

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