Stop the Spinning Wheels! Try This…

Are you spinning your wheels, feeling overwhelmed with your ToDo List?

Try my no-fail “Four Square Plan” productivity tool…  It’s the best way to Take Action on the basic old Brain Dump!



I have the most amazing tool for getting things done when I feel overwhelmed and I’ve shared this tool with my clients over the years. It is so simple, you will be amazed how effective it is.


It all begins with a blank sheet of PRINTER PAPER. Bonus points for your favorite color 😉

It’s important to choose as few SUBJECTS as possible. This keeps your mind from getting too clouded.

The four most COMMON or important areas that are keeping you busy is the best place to begin.

Divide it up, write down as many TASKS as you can think of.

This is the “Brain Dump” in this process – you want to dump out everything that’s overwhelming you.

Circle the most urgent items in each CATEGORY.

Use the opposite side to STRATEGIZE.


  • Choose one in each category that you have to do first, then block out time with no distractions. (Put your phone on Airplane Mode and make this happen!)


  • This is where the magic happens – it always works: Choose one in each category that you know you’re procrastinating on, then use the “Chunk It Down” method to wipe it out – make a list of 1, 2, 3 and write in small steps that you can do RIGHT NOW to make it happen.


It feels constricting when the ToDo list is overflowing with stuff that you feel you don’t have time for. But you do – it just takes some strategic planning.


Take Action Now

Try this technique out – keep going until you’ve addressed all of the urgent items on your list. In the comments below, let me know how it worked for you.


You can do this. I know you can!

XOXO – Renee



Renee Weatherford

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