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VBMany of you have read about my Hiatus and escaping the dull-drums of our mediocre life in Northern California, (if you haven’t – here is the full story).  But the next chapter is a little more intense.  If you’ve ever felt stuck in a life rut, you might want to read on…

After living out my fantasy of owning a business, running a Brick and Mortar Boutique and living on the ocean, once again my husband and I realized that we weren’t aligned with our ideal dreams.  We adored the quaintness of our new town, the charming little Dutch homes in the Pacific North-West, the cruise ships that docked and shopped in our store, the picturesque beauty of the immense greenery and illuminating sunsets…  But the days were gray and the nights were cold.  A year into it, a cyclone destroyed much of the town right at the peak of the Holiday Season and it really put a damper on our new surroundings.

The small town life we were growing accustomed to, began closing in on us, and we found ourselves yearning for the warm California sun once again…

That was about the time we discovered “The Secret”.  Yes, this is an Elementary answer to life’s big questions, but it was mystifying.  For the first time, my husband and I became more in tune with our desires and with each other.  This got me searching;  I dug through dozens of Philosophy books and lectures.  We soon became schooled in everything Science of Mind, and the Laws of anything.  We spent many nights reading and dreaming into the wee hours of the morning.  We visioned and created vision boards.  It was amazing to grow together in this way – we found a very important connection during that time, which would have never been found, had we stayed on our original path.


Something happens to you when you take a leap of faith.  When you trust in the Universe to support you – it is a Ballet of wonder and divine spirit.


When I look at my vision board now, I can see clearly what we really wanted.  Back then, it was blind and mysterious.  What we reached for was adventure and travel and renewal.  Oh… and that’s what we got – I will never regret that for a minute.  But what we truly yearned for was love and comfort and home.

When we decided on Southern California, I began speaking “As If”.  I remember telling some friends, “We’re moving again”, and just as they did when we announced we were thinking of moving to Costa Rica, they all said, “hmm- right”…  But I was determined.  I started my first Visioning project, which was to take a piece of paper and Imagine If.

If I moved to Southern California, I would…

  • Live on the ocean.
  • Surf every morning.
  • Be super fit & tan.
  • Become a vegetarian.
  • Have coffee on the patio.
  • Create.
  • Read & Study.
  • Become a photographer.
  • Sell my boutique items online.
  • Write a book.

Anything and everything that could be a possibility – I pictured it, I wrote it, I felt it, I saw myself in it…  And you know what?  Once we decided to fix up our 1918 bungalow and put it up on the market (mind you – this was in 2009 when the recession was in full-force and Real Estate was slow), it happened.  Three days on the market and our home sold!

We were told it couldn’t happen.  Other Californians were “stuck” in that town because their homes were listed for over two years & they couldn’t get out.  All the odds were against us, but we refused to fall victim.  We believed.

My husband and I booked a flight to Ventura where we explored rentals and found one that accepted dogs.  In one weekend, we found our future home, went to Disneyland and made the decision to leap once again.

As exciting it all was, this time, was even more difficult.  We had a huge storage full of inventory, a depleting savings account and three years of owning a business (not very desirable on a resume).  We had to sell most of our furniture & belongings because hauling it all back 1,000 miles was just too much, so we scrimped and saved and sold it all off.  And guess what?  We ended up living on the ocean with a beautiful view – surfing in the mornings, drinking coffee on the patio, creating art, reading, studying – I became a photographer & wrote a book…  everything that we envisioned – life was great!  For a while…


The one thing we didn’t anticipate was the job market.  With a depressed economy comes a depressed job market, and employers in a new town don’t trust outsiders like us.  I had expected to slide right into a new career with all of my experience, which proved to be a challenge.  But as you can see, it all worked out.  That is my part 3 and I’ll save it for another time.  This had been the most amazing seven years of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  We ended up right where we are supposed to be and we couldn’t be happier or any closer as a team.  I truly attribute it to our visioning process and getting aligned with our dreams.

Do you have an amazing story about a visioning process that went right?  I would love to hear about it!  Please forward it to me at  and you could be featured in an upcoming workshop.  If you have a dream you’d like to get aligned with, I encourage you to pull out a blank page and do some visioning – you may unlock a deep desire you had no idea existed within yourself…

Thank you for joining me today.  Be sure to sign up for my 15 day Renewal Challenge (sign-ups open tomorrow) for a chance to win a fabulous prize & get your home and self renewed for Summer.



Renee Weatherford

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