Home Organizing Challenge {Week 16} – Get That Junk Out Of Your Trunk!

Photo Nov 30, 11 03 04 AM (1)This is the final installment of my Whole Home Organizing Challenge, featuring one area a week to organize in your home.  Although the long stretch was 16 weeks, it allowed us to tackle each section in a reasonable amount of time, taking the overwhelm out of the organizational process, and I have gotten so much wonderful feedback on your renewed spaces.  Some of our group members shared their photos in our private group, and some shared their progress – Thank you all for joining me on this journey.  I participated right along with you on the spaces I needed to work on in our new home, and it was like having my sisters working right along-side of me.

This week, we are nailing down an area that quite often gets abused by all members of the family.  Our cars are a necessity – we use them to get to work, to school, chauffer the kids around town, haul goods, make deliveries, travel (sometimes extensively) and sometimes work in.  With so much use in one small space, it can become a dumping ground if we’re not careful, and who has time to haul out wrappers and cheerios every week?

What You Will Need

  • Cleaning Rags
  • Cleaning Spray
  • Toothbrush
  • Garbage Bag
  • Vacuum or Shop Vac
  • Spot Cleaner
  • Sorting Boxes
  • Air Freshener


Renew Your Space

  • Begin by removing any garbage – look under & between the seats
  • Remove everything from the glove compartment, console, pockets and trunk – place in a box for sorting
  • Wipe down your dash, doors, windows, mirrors, console and steering wheel
  • Use a toothbrush to loosen up anything that may have gotten stuck in the cracks or crevices
  • Vacuum the carpet and spot clean any areas that are stained
  • Shampoo the rugs if you’re feeling adventurous
  • Hang a nice smelling air freshener (I keep a coconut scented stick under the seat and it keeps the car from getting that musty smell in the winter time)


Replace and Reflect

  • Replace the items that you only absolutely need in your vehicle;  Registration / Manual in the glove-box – The less you keep in here, the easier it is to find it when you need it.
  • Misc. necessities in the center console;  Music collection, spare change, gym card, sunglasses, garage door opener, chargers, etc.
  • Do you really need THAT in there?  Assess the box of items you removed and decide if it is a necessity or if you are keeping “just in case” clutter.  A good way to judge the item is to tune into how you feel when you are putting it back into the space.  Does it make you feel good, or do you get that ache in the pit of your stomach?  {Hint – this is the key to keeping your entire home organized – your intuition will tell you if you are holding onto things you really should let go of.}


Some things you should keep in your trunk or on hand:

  • A small emergency kit
  • Water Bottle
  • Travel-size Fire Extinguisher
  • If you are in cold weather:  A blanket / Chains / Snow Shoes
  • If you are by the beach:  A towel / Extra Flip Flops
  • With kids:  Coloring books / Books / Extra Diapers
  • With Dogs:  Leash / Collapsible Water-bowl
  • Supplies:  Wet Wipes, Kleenex, Re-usable Garbage Container, Frequent Directions…


Tips & Ideas

Be sure to browse through the Pinterest Board for this Challenge – I’ve been pinning all the way through the 16 weeks to give you unique ideas to accompany the space you’re renewing.  For this week, I have found some great ideas to house all of those little things you travel with.  Some of my favorites:

An Organized Insert For the Cup Holder

Store the Kid’s Media & Play Items On the Back Seat

A Trunk Organizer That Separates Activities

An Easy To Access Trash Stash

Netting To Contain Sports Equipment or Groceries

Keep the Kids Entertained on a Long Roadtrip

What tools do you use to keep that junk out of your trunk?  Any clever ideas?   How did you do with the Challenge?  Was it useful to you?  Please let me know in the comments, and if you have requests you’d like me to expand on in the future, I’m always open to fresh ideas!


Did you just find this challenge & want to join in with our private group?  We are starting back at week 1 of this 16 week process very soon.  You don’t have to participate in every area, but going at a weekly pace gives you ample time to clear every space of your home.  Our group is very helpful and new members are joining in at all times of the year.  You might be an organizing junkie, or you may need extra help in this area.  No matter your organizing level, we are here to help.  Ask your questions in the group – add your before & after photos to encourage others.  I want to see you there!   {Click Here to see the entire schedule}


Renee Weatherford

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