www.RenewYourSpace.comDo you need more organization in your life? Join us for fun-filled & friendly Organizing Challenges throughout the year on our Private Group!

Some Organizing Challenges are themed (i.e. Closets, Kitchens, Office) and some are simple personal challenges that I will guide you through.

We love meeting & supporting new women, and invite you to share your story with us!


This group is safe for you to Share posts about:

  • Projects you’re working on
  • Dilemmas you’re facing in the home or in the office
  • Your own tips & tricks for getting / staying organized
  • Personal struggles with clutter
  • How you’ve mastered organization
  • Pictures of your Before & Afters (we love that!!)

♥ Once you’re in, introduce yourself – share where you’re from and/or what you’re looking to get from the group. You never know who you may connect with, and your organizing questions can be featured in my occasional Q&A “Ask the Organizer” sessions. ♥



Yes! I Want In!



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