How Do You Like Your Labels?

I found the most amazing organizing tool on the Martha Stewart Website today. What she calls – Organizing Clip Art, which are printable labels to spice up just about anything.  These are so cute, and very easy to create.  Here are some of her ideas:

Colorful luggage tags…  Stand out in a crowd of identical luggage with a whimsy tag.  You can laminate these to keep them strong and last for many miles.
Spice Labels…  Keep everything identified in a uniform look.
Recipe Cards…
How CUTE are these?!  Let your kids personalize their lunches with adorable name tags.
For moving or storage boxes…  List your inventory right on the box.
Refrigerator or freezer bags…  Great for identifying sauces and discover how long your food has really been stored in that freezer.
Book Covers…  These can be used for your Control Journal, Folders, name tags, even on Stationery!
I personally think that the key to getting and staying organized is with a good labeling system.  You can get creative and put some of your personality into it without looking rigid.  We all need a little gentle nudging to stay on top of things, so trying this may set a habit that will stick with you.  When opening a cupboard that you have identivied for only baking goods, you will be less tempted to shove something in that isn’t baking related if there is a label screaming at you in the first place!  Why not?  It’s worth a try, right?  Here’s the LINK to Martha Stewart’s clip art.
Do you use a labeling system in your home?  Is it working for you?  Come back and let me know what useful creations you found for this organize clip art…  I can’t wait print out mine 🙂
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Renee Weatherford

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