How I Organize the Notes In My iPhone

I recently published an article about how useful the simple ‘Notes’ app is and how I rely on it to keep me organized. This is one of the most basic apps out there, but it’s also one of the most innovative and I’ll tell you why…

You’ve seen them – those fancy apps with all of the bells and whistles appear to have it all. Timers and lists for every detail – but do you actually use them? Complicating your time with filling in the details usually makes these apps useless, not to mention taking up valuable data.

The Notes app is great because it’s basically like a post-it system. It’s even similar to Evernote, except it has unlimited space and it’s free!

Here is how I utilize and organize the Notes I store on my phone

I keep them just as I keep my filing system – Extremely narrow in subjects. This means I do not have a gazillion notes for every thought that pops into my head. I have carefully cultivated my notes with my basic needs in mind.

A small sample of the notes I frequently access (In no particular order):

  1. Grocery List – Most frequently used & so handy!
  2. Health – As I have a Histamine allergy, this is a must
  3. Measurements – Motivation while losing weight
  4. Reiki – Getting certified
  5. Dreams – Yes, I document my wild & crazy dreams
  6. 10 Things in 10 Months – This is a wonderful way to set goals
  7. Frequent Links – Great for not having to re-invent the wheel!!!
  8. Frequent Copy 
  9. Frequent Replies
  10. Clients
  11. Time Sheet
  12. Mileage
  13. Quarterly Plan – I have one in office & digitally
  14. Important Codes and Information – Much needed!
  15. Blog Ideas
  16. Movies I want to Watch – Comes in so handy because I can add what’s playing in theater & rent later
  17. Things That My Dad Said – You have no idea how comforting this is
  18. Quotes – For those pretty Instagram posts 😉
  19. Yoga Poses
  20. Hashtags – Massive time-saver!


I govern this list and if I come up with a new one, I have to really convince myself that I need it. Keeping the subjects narrow makes it easier to locate what I need & it doesn’t get lost in a ‘list of lists’. And your subjects will move around as you edit them (newest on top), so you don’t want to lose your important info.

One of the great things about this app is that you can eMail & print your notes, as well as bold, underline, cut/copy text and add photos.

For the “Grocery” subject, I titled it like this & it catches my eye quickly:



Then, for each store, I bold & underline to keep a heading with the subjects & items below:


So there you have it – Super simple and so convenient since I do a lot of work right from my phone.


Take Action

Do you need to access information frequently while you’re out and about? Try creating a simplified list system in the Notes app of your Smart Phone.

If you have too many Notes on your phone, try to narrow the subjects down and consolodate information to each “page”. I recommend no more than 20 lists, but it would be ideal if you kept it to 14 which is the total in view on your screen.

Was this post helpful? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments what you liked best, and if you’re going to try this system.


Renee Weatherford

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