How I Stay Productive By Using My Phone

14101517_10153691279646126_1912699587_nOf all the incredibly useful apps I have tested out on my iPhone, I have discovered the simplest wins out over complex applications. Most apps over-promise results and just clutter up space on the phone’s memory. As a productivity maven, I have tried them all, but this is my best advice for staying on track…

I have to admit – exploring the Productivity category of the app store is a thrill for me. I often refer technical tools to my clients so I try to keep up on what’s new.

But sometimes the simplest tools produce the best results, so here is my number one recommendation: The Notes app. That’s right – the simple, plain, old as heck icon that you may have stuck into a random folder on your phone.

I invite you to open it up right now and see what I mean…14138392_10153691280466126_1662481237_n


Some Notes You May Want To Keep Handy

  1. Daily ToDo List / Schedule / Routine
  2. Grocery List
  3. Want to see Movie List
  4. Frequently Used Hashtags
  5. Blogging Ideas
  6. Core Desired Feelings
  7. Information you need to access regularly
  8. Important information
  9. Frequent information others ask you for
  10. Most accessed links

This is so useful to me because I don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time I need to access this information, and especially when I need to repeat the same information to my audience.


Some Benefits of Using This App

  • The first sentence of your note is the title that appears in your list of notes, making it easy to reference
  • You can email any note in an instant
  • You can Bold, Underline, Define or add a photo to any note (similar to Evernote, only this has unlimited space)

The BEST part about using this app for me is that I can use the Dictate function to create a note! YES – you read that right – you can record your own notes completely hands free. Did you know you can simply say, “Hey Siri, Create New Note” and it will automatically open up Notes and allow you to dictate via voice? I use this function quite often to write my articles while in the car.

In my next productivity blog, I will share how I organize the Notes in my phone & how keeping them organized will boost your productivity even more.


In the comments below, tell me:

  • What are your favorite Productivity Apps on your Phone?
  • Do you use the Notes App & what do you use it for?
  • Was this blog helpful?


Renee Weatherford

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