How to get a Uniform Look for your Planner

www.renewyourspace.comDo you want a pretty planner, but don’t have time to invest in all of that decorating? Consider this fun and affordable way to add some spice to your daily plan…

I am amazed at how the planner community has exploded over the past few years and if you are among that crowd of enthusiasts, you’ve probably noticed how detailed and elaborate they can get. I would love to get lost in decorating my pages with beautiful stamps, stickers and scrapbooking embellishments but I am so busy, the week is gone before I can get out the glue-stick.


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Aside from a small amount of mixed-media I create, I pretty much keep it simple and professional by styling my task pages. As you can see in the free printables I offer here, I like to keep a uniform design and color theme in my planner.  I style personalized printables in my Etsy Shop for Planner Pages that have a similar flow.

You can create your own fun look for your planner without having to invest a lot of time or money into it:


  • Your general software like Word and Publisher has some simple templates to work with.
  • Try out websites like Canva or WebMonkey to design fun templates.
  • Personalize information that you need to access routinely with a beautiful font or print in a fun color.
  • Design pages with a color template that compliments your binder cover.
  • Find pretty patterns on the internet to use in your informational pages.
  • Create dividers from trendy card stock found at the craft store.
  • Use markers to color-code your tasks & spice up your daily schedule.


Play around with your designs and give them a personal flair. You can find so much inspiration by searching the Philofaxy website and YouTube for unique ideas.


If you liked this post, please share it with your planner friends and if you would like to find more planner motivation, check out the links above. Have no idea how to start? Check out my specialized service for designing forms & templates HERE. I would love to style something that fits your personality and tasks!



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