How to Get Organized With a Filofax

Renew Your SpaceFilofax, Day Runner, Franklin Covey, Day Timer…  There are so many choices and styles of planners.  If you are a visual planner, you can get organized in every aspect of your life.

One point I like to drive home in my Consulting, is how much easier life’s tasks become once you write them down.  Visualizing the goal takes it to an extreme level, but the first step in any organizational plan is to write it down on paper and set baseline goals from there.

Renew Your SpaceA paper planner gives you the option to section off organizing projects or routine tasks by using dividers.  Giving each divider a unique label will help you focus in on your goals.  For this specific example, we’ll say that you need to have a guide for when your kids have sports practice, school events, Doctor appointments and vacations.   Achieve organization by creating a tabbed divider for each goal and whenever you need to refer back to often.  You can create anything from simple grids to beautiful color-coordinated tracking sheets for anything quick reference.

You have so many options these days – Either purchase pre-made templates at the office supply or designers from Etsy, you can find a million designs and styles.  Or you can simply create your own printables from your personal computer.  Whether using Word, Excel, Publisher or any other software program that designs your form, there are endless possibilities.  (I have a lot of free templates, found in the menu at the top of this page as well).

Keeping your planner with you is an option – there are so many sizes, easily tote-able in your purse or work bag, even pocket-size.  Another option is to house it in your home office space or wherever you do your planning.  Many of my clients have set up command centers right in their kitchen.  

Some great subjects to set up in your planner that will keep you organized are:


  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Work Schedule
  • Business Goals
  • Children’s Schedule
  • Perpetual Calendar (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Community Events, etc.)
  • Vacation Calendar
  • Passwords
  • Meal Plan
  • Weight Loss Plan
  • Workout Schedule
  • Money Management
  • To Do List


The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure – if you rely on routines and schedules to get the job done, this will absolutely make it possible to organize your life.


Take Action

If you need an organizational plan, consider getting a planner and creating an outline that will set your goals in place.




Renee Weatherford

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3 thoughts on “How to Get Organized With a Filofax

  1. I’m going to add a cleaning schedule to my planner so I can better distribute my time. I wind up spending every third Saturday or Sunday cleaning the entire house. By then, cobwebs have taken over! I just do the kitchen and bathroom on a daily basis, but stuff like polishing furniture/paneling, cleaning mirrors, vacuuming, getting into corners, changing sheets, organizing, etc gets done on the fly. I need to spread these things out during the week (or leave hub a list since he works from home and has more flexible time than I do)

    I’ve also seen a lot of people who put passwords in their planner. I have 2-3 passwords that I rotate for different sites so that I don’t have to write them down somewhere. Do you encrypt them somehow or abbreviate them to where you only understand in case your planner gets [GASP!] lost or left behind somewhere?

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