How to Have FUN Sorting Paperwork

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Don’t you just love this title?  I mean, who would ever have fun weeding through piles of old paper?  But I can honestly tell you, this process has gotten me through some massive boredom at work and with my own personal paper clutter.

So I see it all the time.  A client calls me frantically because they have a deadline and their documents are piled up to the ceiling.  It is a long and drawn out chore sifting through hundreds of pages but I have found a way to take the burn out of the wound…


  • Crank up your favorite tunes – anything that gets you moving…  get happy!
  • Take the pile down to the floor (that’s right – make yourself comfortable and room to spread out)
  • Separate into categories – Using sticky notes is ideal for this.  Otherwise, you can pretty much tell what bills go together if you are working through simple files.  This is like putting together a puzzle.  It’s literally just matching up like documents together.
  • Keep unique categories such as Memorabilia, Menus, Notes, Projects, and files separate from other loose documents.
  • Place a garbage can and basket in your circle for shredding and relocating.Renew Your Space
  • Double-up on the circle if you run out of space – Sometimes I get three going.  It’s all about keeping it separated.
  • Next, scoop it all up in neat piles and lay crisscrossed on top of each other.
  • Create files for anything new that isn’t already in your filing cabinet.
  • Make sure your dog doesn’t knock over your coffee!
  • Begin filing it all away.

There is something about sitting on the floor and circle-sorting this sort of thing.  It may not be exciting work, but it will get the job done faster than you think.  Now instead of walking into the room and feeling stressed out about the pile, try this technique and see how quickly you can match up the pieces to the puzzle.   If you don’t have time to do the physical filing right away, place the crisscrossed piles into a basket (but don’t let it sit in there too long – make an appointment with yourself to finish it ASAP).


Take Action

What do you think of that?  Do you think it’s do-able?  Why not try it out tomorrow and see how this process works for you.



Renee Weatherford

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