How to Hide Cables, Cords and Plugs

www.RenewYourSpace.comWant to give your space an instant lift? Get those electrical cords and plugs out of sight!

Sometimes we live with things that annoy us without even realizing it. One sure way to renew a space is to look for any cords drooping down from a desk or entertainment area, and lift them up out of view with this simple step.

This can be achieved by using command hooks, zip ties and a  Cable Organizer and Cord Management System – there is a whole world of cord-hiding tools out there!

Before & After


The first thing you will want to do is map out where you have your electrical items & if you might want to re-arrange them before tacking down their counterparts. For my studio, I drew out a diagram of where everything would fit best and then dropped the cords behind the desk.

I popped bread ties around each one and labelled them with a permanent marker so that they would not get mixed up. Since we moved recently, we had trouble keeping everything straight, especially in the TV room, so this was an excellent solution.  Keeping electrical cords properly labelled is great for when you frequently unplug them. I have a few appliances that I will wind the cords and hide them in a basket while not in use. This keeps the socket from getting weighed down & too much clutter underfoot.


The next step is to safely ground your electrical tools. Always use a surge protector for energy suckers like your computer, stereo, TV, etc.

You don’t have to use a bulky protector like those ugly power strips from the 90’s. The ones I use under my desk are flush to the wall and have outlets on the sides. We also had our electrician install safety surges straight into most of our outlets so that we don’t have to worry.

Pull the cord tight to the wall and see how much space it will need to safely plug in. Mark your wall or furniture where the cord will need to be tacked up out of the way.



Now install the hook of your choice. I used these tiny cable tacks that have a strong adhesive backing. In some areas, I had to pin down the cord with small screws and used zip-ties to hold them in place.

You can still see the cords in some areas, but what a face-lift just a few tacks gave this room!

Now when I enter my studio to work, I’m not distracted by the cluttered look it had from cords swagging down by my feet. It now feels clean and pulled together.


All Neat and Tidy

All Neat and Tidy


Take Action

Check around the areas of your home or office, and see if a cable management system would renew your space!



Renee Weatherford

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