How To Make Healthy Meals Every Day

Jennifer writes; “How can I schedule meals every day that are healthy for my family but don’t take a lot of time to put together?” 
Jennifer – this is one that I have struggled with in the past as well, and to tell you the truth, you just have to experiment with several schedules until you find one that works for your family.  I have gone back and forth with picking all of our favorite meals to choose from each month {like I talk about here}, and making weekly “themed” meal plans.  Sticking with a simple 7 day schedule is so much easier for me.  It might get a little boring, but our meals are always healthy, simple to prepare and delicious! 
The best part about my 7 day plan is that I know exactly what to buy every single week at the grocery store.  Here is how I plan out my week:
1. Decide what to prepare for the week, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks & desserts.
2. Make a list of the meals or schedule in next week’s calendar.
3. Research recipes if needed and any nutritional alterations for my family.
4. Inventory pantry/refrigerator/freezer items to see what I already have on hand.
5. Make a list of items I still need {I do this every Wednesday before my trip to the grocery store}.
I have this awesome printable you can download CLICK HERE  for brainstorming your meal plans, and a little tip – use erasable ink!  You can use the same sheet week after week (I have been doing this & I keep in my Filofax) and as you change ingredients or add ideas, you don’t have to reprint and write the same information month after month.
Make a list and don’t be afraid to repeat it
Schedule it in and reconfigure as needed
The best pens I have found for my paper planner – and they’re erasable!!

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Renee Weatherford

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