How to Tidy Up

www.RenewYourSpace.comWhen you get into the daily habit of tidying up, you will always have a sense of order – even in a busy household

The first time I organized for a large busy family, it was a home of five, with three children under the age of three. I had my work cut out for me, but thankfully the parents were already organized, they just needed some order.

I set them up with an amazing Command Center and gave them a simple to follow routine for Tidying Up. Let me tell you this… They are still thanking me to this day, and that was over five years ago!

When you are amidst of chaos, it can be difficult to see through your foggy lenses. But given the right atmosphere to assess and restructure your time, you can create clear, calming space.

Incorporate these four actions of Tidying Up into your routine, and I assure you – you will be feeling squared-away in no time!


Home Base

Address your “Clutter Hot Spots” ahead of time so that things like mail, kid’s backpacks, shoes & other things that pile up have a Home Base where they always go. So that on a whim, you can relocate stray items with ease.


Tidy Up Tool Kit

Have a go-to Tool Kit with everything you need to make a clean sweep around the room. A simple basket with a Feather Duster, Cloth, Cleaning Spray, Room Spray and a Lighter for your Candles will be perfect for refreshing your space.


Relocation Basket

Keep a basket that is solely used for relocating items. When you stand in the middle of a room, scan through for any objects that belong somewhere else. Go to the next room, relocating items and scanning, and continue throughout the house until all items have been returned to their Home Base.


Task List

Assign different days of the week to doing different tasks so that you can keep up with all of the demands of your household: For instance, if laundry gets out of hand, pick two or three days a week that you concentrate on that for a certain block of time. Same for vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, etc.  So that when you are Tidying Up in-between, it’s just a simple sweep through the house.  Keep a schedule posted in your home with the days of the week and the tasks associated to that day:


Monday – Vacuum/Mop

Tuesday – Pay Bills

Wednesday – Plan Meals

Thursday – Laundry

Friday – Bathrooms

Saturday – Meal Prep

Sunday – Laundry



Take Action

Do you have a Home Base for your things, a Tidy Tool-kit, Relocation Basket or a Scheduled Task List? How can you cultivate ease into your day-to-day life by a Tidy Up plan?





Renee Weatherford

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