If You Were Given A Free Day…

I came across this question in a Real Simple Magazine yesterday, and took its advice to “Imagine 24 glorious hours without any obligations…” 

I immediately felt self-indulgent, for taking the past *cough* month *cough* off from writing and Organizing altogether, due to unforseen health scares with three different family members.  This, combined with the daunting task of planning my High School Reunion, left me completely drained.  Yes, 24 hours would have been a fabulous way to pour my sails into the wind and free my mind of pain and worry, but I obviously needed much more, so a month it was.

Soul-searching between endless road trips and tetious planning, (both for the health care of my father and a quick reunion 500 miles away), led me to some spontaneous trips to the Agua Dulce Desert, boogie boarding near Surfers Point and Rincon Beach of Ventura.  Animal gawking at the County Fair, visiting friends in Pismo BeachSailing Away with the wind in my hair and Watching the Fog Roll In.  And according to Facebook, (which is known to keep track of my splendors far greater than me), I found a new church, went dancing on the weekends, had a little too much midori sour, o_O and made some amazing new friends.  I am sure that I will find quite a few things to cross off my list from these recent escapades.

We also got a chance to see  Eat, Pray, Love (have you seen it?) and if you are anything like I am, drifted into complete wonder at that amazing Bali Cabana in the lush jungle.  Oh, how completely sinful it would be to leave it all behind and tie down some roots in that place…  but Southern California is good enough for now.  In a sense – I lived a little from this book.  I took away with it, the complete pursuit of pleasure and for once put my life on hold for my soul to take a deep breath.

What about you?  Were you at all indulgent this Summer?  Have you let your troubles go so that your mind can have a well-deserved break?  If not an entire month, do you have a week that you can use just for you?  One day works wonders too – but sometimes you just need a little more time to soothe your soul.

I have more useful tips and blogs to share with you now that I am all back-together.  I’ve gotten back onto my schedule so that I can help you with yours.  Thank you for sticking with me through my absence, and for all of the prayers through my father’s illness.

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Renee Weatherford

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  1. Welcome back, Renee. I have taken a lot of time this summer to “just be.” It is amazing how energized you feel upon return to real life. Clear-headed and less-frazzled.

  2. I was wanting to see Eat Pray Love, but I heard that isn’t wasn’t very good. I find that hard to believe with Julia Roberts, but I think I am going to wait until I can rent it.

  3. Oh I hear ya Rene. Summer gets a little crazy and makes you let go a little and enjoy life more :) It’s a good thing. I feel all refreshed and back on track.
    I haven’t seen Eat Pray Love yet. I’m going to see it with some friends next week. I can’t wait!

  4. I’m so glad you’re refreshed and back…I’ve missed you :)

    I need to see Eat, Pray, Love…and read the book.

    My daughter and granddaughters did make a spontaneous trip to the beach one day and had a lot of fun but I really need a trip alone with my husband…hopefully soon.

    Lovely post.

  5. Glad to hear things are more settled for you and everyone is doing better. We did a trip to padre in the spring. It was extremely last minute and spontaneous, but absolute heaven.

  6. Thanks everyone – it has been a rough and tumble kind of summer… Just when I thought I was “back to blogging”, I got wrapped up in more busy work. Will be by to see you all soon!

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