Internet Clutter Purging

www.RenewYourSpace.comEver find yourself so overcome with so much mind-chatter that you just want to burrow under the covers and take a few E-sick days? Well, you can do better than that. Here is how to I am Virtually calling in “Well” next week by taking an Internet Vacation & how you can too!

Here’s the deal… I am overwhelmed with the internet right now, and I desperately need an E-Vacation. I absolutely love the connection, the learning, the teaching, the creation, but the Internet and Social Networks are starting to feel like clutter to me! Maybe you’re feeling this too…

When this feeling begins to creep in, there is no better way to purge that E-Clutter than to take an Internet Vacation. A detox.

{Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, YouTube, Google, WordPress, eMail, WebMonkey, Bitly, Mail Chimp, Dropbox, Google Plus, Skype, Hangouts, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, Groups, Pages….. AAAAHHHHGGGGHHH! }

How do you unplug when it all begins to overload? Here is what I am going to do in the week ahead:


  • Set your eMail signature to auto-respond that you are offline
  • Pre-schedule Blogs or recycle older Blogs (which is what I’ve done for next week – I think you’ll like my re-posts)
  • Announce to your VIPers in a Newsletter that you are unplugging
  • Hire somebody to monitor your groups and schedule some pre-posts while you’re away
  • Schedule your clients a week out
  • Turn your phone on Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb
  • Change your Voicemail to reflect when you will be back online
  • Block out this time in your Planner & STICK TO IT!!! (Seriously – Do it!)
  • Encourage your fans to take an Internet Vacation too!


Take Action

If you’re feeling overloaded with Internet Clutter, I am encouraging you right now to take an E-Vacation! Trust me, you will come back feeling more Vitality and Renewed after being unplugged for a few days!

I am scheduled to unplug this Saturday the 25th & if you see any posts, it will be from my Assistant.  I love you all but I’m looking forward to a little R&R and we’ll see how my addiction to Facebook plays out…  See you after the first of the month 😉

xoxo – Renee


Renee Weatherford

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