As we continue focusing on our Vitality this month, it is a great time to Renew Your Kitchen! After you have gone through all of your kitchen supplies, click the link below for a bonus Challenge to tackle your Pantry storage.


Tools You Will Need


  • Dish Soap
  • Towels
  • Sponges
  • Magic Eraser
  • Windex (or any cleaner of your choice)
  • Step Ladder
  • Boxe(s)  (for purging)
  • Purchase or gather new containers 
  • Shelf Liner
  • Label Maker
  • Paper / Pen


You can do this two ways: Work cabinet by cabinet, or empty out ALL and do the purge/replace all at once.

I always recommend moving from top to bottom and left to right. As you clean out and organize from the top, dust and crumbs will make their way down so you want to eliminate as much work as possible. Working from one end to the other is very helpful because you can track what you've already done and it helps keep you on track.



Before We Get Started

Fill up the sink with sudsy water. While you're cleaning and shifting things around, toss your dirty containers into the sink to soak. This will save you a lot of time and clean-up in the end.


Pull It Out

  • Begin at the left sided of your top cabinets.
  • Pull out everything and wipe the shelves clean.
  • If you have been needing to place or replace shelf liners, this is the time!



Assess each item on the spot, making a quick decision;

  1. If you really use it - If not, toss it!
  2. If it is not broken - If it is, toss it!
  3. If you like it - If you absolutely hate it but you keep it just because, toss it!



  • Place everything back into the cupboards, paying close attention to the flow of your kitchen.
  • If something works better in another location, change things out. You may want to create a "Coffee Station" where you keep all of your coffee cups over the coffee pot area, or perhaps your kitchen towels make more sense under the sink... This is the time to fix the flow and make things work best for you.
  • Continue moving through each cupboard to the right and then go through the bottom cupboards. 



  • The kitchen drawers are often "Catch-Alls", making it difficult to find things.
  • If there is empty drawer space or many junk drawers in the kitchen, pull out a sheet of paper and number it with each drawer, shelf or cupboard you'd like to train for a new job. If you feel you may quickly turn it into a junk drawer again, label it for the specific job.
  • This works, because mapping out a place for Homing you items creates consistent habits!




Under the Sink

  • Again, pull everything out, wiping it clean. You may want to upgrade this space with a cabinet mat to catch future spills or leaks. 
  • Consider re-containerizing your products into a more organized way.
  • Group like-with-like, keeping only things needed for your kitchen.
  • Clean off product containers.
  • Purge out anything that is old or empty.
  • Make note of anything you need to buy as you come across things that are missing or could assist in making things easier.


Small Appliances

Whether you store your small appliances on your counters or in a cupboard, give them a good wipe down and decide whether you still use them. If you realize they are items you've been keeping around just in case you might use it one day, or just know you will never use it again, add them to your donation box. 


Dish Washer

  • Remove the racks and spinners from your dishwasher, as well as the filter at the bottom.
  • Give it a good wipe down and then run it on quick clean with a cup of white vinegar to make it sparkle.



  • Place everything out on your counter and remove the shelves.
  • Spray it down with a cleaner, carefully removing any stuck-on food and spills.
  • Assess your food items, purging the expired.
  • Wipe down condiment bottles and decide whether you really need all of it.
  • Replace everything into organized categories.
  • If you need to, consider containerizing your food: Breads, Cheeses, Snacks, etc.
  • Labels are also helpful in the refrigerator to train the family to return things to the right shelves.



  • Wipe down your cupboard doors, the top of the refrigerator, wash the rugs and give the floor/baseboards a good cleaning.
  • Give the garbage disposal a good run with some vinegar.
  • Don't forget things like the garbage cans and the overhead lights.
  • Empty out the sink and replace all containers that were cleaned out.


Now that your kitchen is clean and organized, let's head over to the Pantry area! Click HERE when you're ready for the next Organizing Challenge.