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Clothing will be the most detailed process, which is why we begin here. I promise it will get easier, and there will be less information to absorb...


Week 1 - Clothing


The Inner Work

The first thing I always recommend as we go into a big task, is to create some time to go within...

Set aside a few minutes to get grounded - go outside if you can with your feet on the ground, or simply sit next to a window where you can gaze upon the trees and birds in the sky. Find your breath. This is important. Declare this your Sacred Grounding Space - place a special stone that you can come back to if you want to procrastinate.

You deserve this gift you are about to give yourself, my love.

Use this time to visualize the closet space you are about to go through. Create a clear vision within your mind's eye of how you would like to FEEL within this space. What would you LOVE it to look like? Do not focus on the heaviness of it - do not dwell on the fear of letting go, or the uneasiness that may pop up as you look ahead. Focus on this NOW moment. And any time within this challenge you begin to slip into an anxious feeling, go back into this grounding space.

Write in a journal for a few minutes if you need to.


Bless Your Space

Light a candle if you are comfortable with that, and create an intention for your space.


Now For The Outer Work

Clothing can be particularly difficult for women to let go of. We tend to rationalize our need to hold onto different sizes, different decades, different social opportunities to wear these garments. Even though they no longer fit, we want to hold on "just in case".

The problem with this is that time is fleeting... How quickly a week can turn into a month that slides into the next year, and then on to five?

When it comes to those clothes, can you relate that to how long they've been hanging in there? By the time you can wear that piece again, will it still be stylish? How will it feel to wear old clothes that finally fit?


How Should It Feel?

The rules for your clothing is that they should:

  1. Make you FEEL good when wearing them
  2. Fit well
  3. Be in good repair & without stains
  4. Look stylish & compliment your color (ask a friend)

If they do not fall into these categories, (even if you paid a lot of money for them, or even if you are losing weight now) it is time to say goodbye.


Step One - This Is For You

Do not do this for anyone who doesn't agree to it. It is preferable that you work through your own closets first and show your significant other or children how amazing it feels when it's done, before forcing them to go along or doing it for them. There are ways you can include them without upsetting the family (feel free to talk to me about it if you need to).


Step Two - Supplies

If you are working from the floor, place down a sheet that can be identified as your work space. This sheet is a great boundary for this project. If you need to, place more sheets.

Things you will need:

  • Boxes or Bags For Garbage
  • Boxes or Bags for Donations
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Cleaner
  • Vacuum
  • Step-stool
  • Water
  • Notepad / Pen
  • A Timer (set it for blocked times if needed - 30 min here, 2 hours there...)
  • Good Music, Podcast, Digital Book, a Good Movie, the Marie Kondo Netflix Show - Anything that will keep you entertained but focused!


Step Three - Work Space

Designate ONE space where you will bring all items of clothing.

Make sure that if it's on your bed, you will be able to go through all of it before you go to sleep! I recommend a spare bedroom or a place where you have ample space, because you may be surprised at how large this collection will become once you take it all out.


Step Four - Empty

Empty out EVERY piece from your Closets, Dressers & Storage Boxes in the Garage:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Workout Clothes
  • Dresses / Skirts
  • Formal Wear
  • Night Clothes
  • Coats
  • Uniforms
  • Robes
  • Sweaters
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Belts
  • Purses & Bags
  • Shoes
  • Slippers
  • Swimsuits
  • Cover-ups
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Bras
  • Accessories
  • Costume Jewelry (you can go through your valuable jewelry / items in your safe during week 5 "Memorabilia" if you don't have time this week)


Do not mix up your categories - keep mementos & heirlooms out of this week's process. There will be a time for that. Focus solely on your clothes.

Take it all out. Place it in this one space. Do not get overwhelmed! It may feel like too much, but I promise it will get easier!


Step Five - Clean

When the drawers & cupboards are empty, clean them out - wipe them down - renew them!

Vacuum the floor while it's open.


Step Six - The Purging Method

Pick up each piece, and without putting too much thought into it, ask it if it "Sparks Joy".

Decide if it stays. Marie Kondo says the Japanese word for healing is te-ate, which literally means ‘to apply hands.’

  1. Yes - Place in keep pile
  2. No - Immediately toss into the Garbage or Donation bins

Do not try them on at this point.

If you find yourself taking a walk down memory lane, remember your deadline here.

Focus on the task - you will have time later to reminisce, okay?


Step Seven - In-Betweens

So, let's say you come across an item that you LOVE. It sparks joy and you couldn't bear to get rid of it, what then? Well, if it truly sparks joy you will keep it. BUT don't fall into the trap of EVERYTHING sparking joy, you know what I mean? It's so easy to convince yourself that you love it all and that won't serve you.

Also, if you tossed something in the donate pile but you are regretting it, what then? Ask yourself if it falls into those 4 categories above. Don't second-guess yourself. Chances are, if your first instinct was to get rid of it, that is what your intuition is telling you to do.

What about the difference between Toss & Donate? You need to make those decisions, but remember - if it is in disrepair for you, it's in disrepair for a charity. They do not waste their time with stained or unraveled items. Please toss in garbage when needed.


Step Eight - Decisions

Once you have everything separated, focus only on the items you would like to keep.

Place them back on their hangers & fold them in the KonMari way (Click HERE to see Marie folds them).

If you come across a piece that you're not sure fits, this is the time to try it on. If it does not fit & it is not something that brings you immense joy, then place it in the Donate pile.

You may notice that you still have too many of something as you are putting them away. Or perhaps you feel a sense that you are keeping it for the wrong reasons. Use your intuition to discern whether it really needs to go. If it's pulling at you during this step, chances are it is time to release it. And get real about your underwear! It is time to invest in some good quality undies, girlfriend!!




Step Nine - Group, Color Code & Hang

As you are putting away, think of your storage as different groups.

Try to keep the same items together as much as possible.

Place them in color order - Using the rainbow will help you to divide out your options. This feels AMAZING when you're getting ready - as you reach for an item of a certain color, it makes pulling together an outfit so much easier!

Now place all items on hangers in sleeve order - short sleeve to long sleeve within each color group. Again, this blueprint will help you to quickly grab what you need and you will always know where to put it back.

When everything is in color order, this is another chance for you to decide whether you have too many of one thing! Now you can quickly tell what needs to go, or what you need more of. Get out that pad of paper & start writing down missing pieces that you would like to add into your wardrobe.


Step Ten - Dispose

Okay, you've done the hard work... It is time to finalize this project! Take out the trash & recycle it right now.

Place everything you are donating right into the trunk of your car, or make a phone call for your charity of choice to come and pick it up.

Be sure to thank your space and thank the boxes/bags of items moving out of your space for serving you at the time you used them. Bless them for the next person who will be receiving them. When you fold up your sheet, do it with great honor for assisting you in this journey. Place it in the area where you will be sorting your books because they are going to be next.

Good Job!! I am SO proud of you!


Follow up 

Please check in with me on occasion. I love to hear how things are going and what you may be hung up on. If you can, share in the group - I will have prompts throughout the week. Share your photos & videos if you take them. It feels so amazing to see the before & afters of a project like this.

If you need more assistance, don't hesitate to contact me at I am happy to schedule you in for a Virtual Consultation.


What's Next?

We will begin the Book Purge on Sunday, January 13th. This should be a much easier process!


Week Two - Books (Available 1/13)

Week Three - Papers (Available 1/20)

Week Four - Komono (Misc.) (Available 1/27)

Week Five - Memorabilia (Available 2/3)