Products I Recommend During This Challenge



The Book

I love having the physical book to make notes, but the audio is good too, as you are working through the process.




Huggable Hangers

These are a Game Changer!! I recommend sticking to one neutral color so that you have nice flow & consistency. These are very thin so you instantly create more space in your closet, and they have a velvety fabric so your tops don't slide off!




Plastic Step Stool

I was gifted one of these years ago, and it's still one of my most appreciated items for organizing. As a "short person", I can't always reach the top of the closet or cupboards. It folds into a small flat piece for easy storage. I keep one in my office, kitchen & closet!!



Drawer Dividers

These make your dresser drawers so organized without having to buy bulky bins. They are spring loaded, but be sure to read the description & measure your space.




Hooks For Long Necklaces

I will be showing you how I hang my long necklaces in my closet. I started doing this because my original jewelry storage was being stored elsewhere, but I love having my long necklaces right on the wall where I get ready. I keep mine hidden on an interior wall divider, but they also look pretty cool hanging in sight as well.





Jewelry Tray

I have a drawer designated for my most worn jewelry. I absolutely love the felt trays for storing and separating my earrings, bracelets & most used necklaces. This saves me so much time when I'm getting ready & know what I already want to wear.




Bracelet Display

Back when I owned a Boutique, I learned how nice it was to store jewelry this way. I kept the displays from my store for my own collection, but I highly recommend this for your closet as well! The velvety fabric keeps everything untangled & protected. The best part is that it's so easy to see.




Closet Wall Organizer

When I was living in an apartment in-between homes, I asked the landlord if I could upgrade the closet. One single pole is such a waste of valuable space, so I had the pole/shelf removed by a handyman & installed this closet organizer. It is so affordable & SO EASY to install! You simply screw the thin racks into the back wall & hang the system however you please. I love that it's customizable. You will need to take measurements & order extra pieces if you would like it even more custom.



I will add more items throughout this challenge & as specific questions arise...