Making The Most Of Our Valuable Time

Time is a commodity that we should be saving for the most important moments in our lives.  We eat, we sleep, we take care of family and we work, but how we make use of this time is the glue that holds our life balance together.
We live in an amazing era where useful resources are lapping at our feet, as abundant as the tide.  Think about the struggle our ancestors lived, with back-breaking work, laboring fields for food, wringing clothes out by hand, chopping wood, sewing fabric, wriding horseback or carriage days… weeks… months, to get where they needed to be.
This is where we should be so thankful for the ease of modern life.  No matter what social class you fit into, the conveniences of our day pales in comparison to the labor folks relied upon so many years ago.
Managing your time can be simple, once you find the key players which can do the work “for” you.  For example, we all know that multi-tasking has proved to be more of a time-waster for some who feel overwhelmed by trying to do it all.  But if you let your machinery do double-time, you can free up your mind to focus on other tasks.
With a quick plan of action, here are some ways to let your home work for you:
– Let your appliances do double-duty by knocking out several chores at once.  Run the dishwasher, charge your media, back-up your computer and self-clean the coffee pot with just a few clicks of a button.  How many chores can you knock out with one fell swoop?  (without knocking out the power)  🙂  I always think about this when I know battery-life is running down on electric toothbrushes, etc.
– Keep your kitchen sink empty by re-loading the dishwasher first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening, and run it at a convenient time during your busy day.
– Dedicate one day a week to meal-planning.  In just a few minutes, you can create a week’s worth of healthy meals and know the ingredients needed when you head out to the grocery store.
– Be prepared for laundry day.  Keep separate laundry bins to pre-sort your family’s clothing so that you don’t have to waste time doing it all in one day.  This way, you are ready to re-boot your laundry at your convenience instead of having to search for it.
– Don’t rely on one set of sheets per bed.  Change out your bedding every week without having to wait for them to be washed and made.
– Have your work go-bag and the kid’s back-packs ready to go the night before, by creating a staging area of your home.
– Use the automatic feature on your coffee pot, and have it ready to go first thing in the morning.
Think of the unlimited ways you can sync your resources and make them work for you.  Let me know what your most valuable multi-taskers have been…
You can also have your own entourage of experts right at your feet! 

Renee Weatherford

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