Filofax Friday – Meal Planning Printable for your Planner

Photo Oct 15, 5 11 42 PMI can organize your home with my eyes closed and I can create an efficient office in your business, but for the life of me, creating a meal plan I can stick to has been my biggest struggle. I had tried several layouts for my planner in an effort to get me inspired and nothing was working until I created this. I like to sit down and plan my menu out weekly, so I needed something that would lay it all out for me.

Here is my new system and a printable that you can use as well:

  • I created a tab in my planner specifically for meal-planning.
  • The first page is a list of everything I need to do – I check it off with an erasable pen every Wednesday.
  • I generally begin at the right of the form, by deciding what to have on each day.
  • I inventory my pantry, freezer and refrigerator right on the page (I print these front to back).
  • The second column prompts me to explore what can be made with what I already have.  I love the idea of  “shopping” my own pantry.
  • Then creating a list of what we need to buy to complete the plan is such a useful tool to have right there.


Photo Oct 15, 5 10 20 PM

Photo Oct 15, 5 26 00 PM

Photo Oct 15, 5 11 11 PM

When I plan weekly instead of monthly, I feel it saves me time and takes up much less space.  I also find that sticking to basically the same menu week-to-week cuts the monotony down considerably.  So far, I have planned out several weeks without feeling the need to throw something together last minute, so I am very pleased to share this with you.  This specific template is designed for an A5 size Filofax or any planner that fits a half sheet of letter-size paper, and is available in PDF only.  You will need to trim this page down for your punch to fit just right for the A5.


Get your Meal Planner & Inventory List HERE

(For free time-saving downloads – click on the “printables” tab above!)


Do you have a Meal-Planning tip you’d like to share?  We would love to hear your clever ideas in the comments below…


Renee Weatherford

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