Meal Planning With 21 Meals

It has been said that most people gravitate toward 21 different meals that we recreate throughout the year.  Think about it – we usually fall into a routine with those easy 5-10 family favorites, but then you start craving something you haven’t had in a while, or a favorite your mom used to make.  Those go on the meal-planning list and others fall off…  it’s an endless cycle of trying to be creative for the family, yet remaining simple to save our sanity.

This idea was ingenious by ListPlanIt – It’s one of those lists that I love to print month after month.  I hang this in my kitchen pantry and refer to it when I am ready to write out my weekly meal-plan and shopping list.  The list is fairly easy when you write out the first ten, but I really start to hit some creativity when I near the second half.  We love to have waffles for dinner some nights, or create a picnic in the living room. 

What creative meals can you come up with when creating a list like this?  How many meals do you rotate throughout the month? 

Renee Weatherford

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